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  1. Hi Yu Su, 

    I am looking for CL. EDD - beginning of May 2018.

    Please contact me (010-366 8115) if the CL is available.

  2. Below is a confinement lady that I highly recommended. I help her develop below profile for ease of your reference. Her schedule is full till April 2016, booking available for May 2016 onwards. Apart from being confinement lady, she is also a good stay in nanny to hire for baby above 2 months, she has the abilities to make your baby sleep through the night without milk feeding ( 12 am till 5 am or even longer for babies 2 months old or less ). She is especially passionate about babies with inborn illness, such as jaundice,holes in their heart & other complications of premature babies. She is a devoted Christian, she always believe that if she has faith to work with you, god sends her to help you. PROFILE Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Year of Birth: 1963 Healthy and strong Good attitude Speaks Chinese, Malay & English Strengths: 1. Extensive Knowledge in Nutrition & Chinese Medicine, ability to differentiate real & false Chinese medicine. 2. Support & encourage breast feedings. If you don’t have enough breast milk, she will share with you the secret of increasing milk. 3. Experience in taking care of 5 pairs of twins for confinement and the babies growing up healthily. Background: Sept 2011 – date: Confinement Lady ( worked for Chinese, Malay, Indian and Mat Salleh family before, been travel to Australia and other parts of the world ) August 2011: Taking care of a new born with heart problem at hospital during confinement period, the new born were staying at ICU since birth. Initially doctor said baby would need to stay at hospital for minimum 3 months, but after her support through mummy breast feeding, the new born were discharge 3 weeks after operation. March 2008 - Aug 2011: Baby sister – take care of baby from birth till 2 years old. During her tenure of service, the toddler did not fall sick for 2.5 years, except when during her off day where the toddler was taken care by her parents. The toddler were able to turn her back at 2.5 months and able to walk by holding the bed side at 5th months under her care. 2007: Nanny for a toddler with asthma (3 years old) 。This toddler’s asthma is so critical that he required to be supported by oxygen tube 24 hours. After her dedicated care for 4 months, the toddler does not require oxygen support anymore, the doctor were surprised with his recovery progress. 2005 - 2006: 11 months taking care of a baby girl having illness in hospital ICU (The baby girl has cleft palate,epilepsy, blind, cramps). Disclaimer: She will introduce some supplement products that she has been using for close to 10 years for all of her clients, which eventually leaves it to your decision whether you accept her ideas or not. Please note that I do not represent any of the nutritional product companies that she shares with you. I am merely a consumer whom have benefited from her advice. $$$ Charges: RM 5000 for 28 days for confinement service within KL, Malaysia; excluding Ang Pow Deposit RM 500 for booking confirmation Outstation transportation borne by you Outside Malaysia: subject for discussion & availability Those who are interested and sincere in engaging her service, kindly leave your name, contact #, due date, location. Will get her to contact you should she is available. She is not IT savy and hence I am helping her on this, she has helped me a lot in the past.