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  1. No wonder la before mco already people just sit in the car and then just pump in the fuel.. Just use this app onlyyy
  2. Pepole who smoking and baby

    Wow.. sound great. I'm the lazy one.. It just can let me fast to make payment on apps only.. yeahh.., no need to queue at the counter again.
  3. Pepole who smoking and baby

    Yeahh.. it was Malaysia's first fuel e-payment application right? Hopefully this application can help us to make everything went smoothly.
  4. Pepole who smoking and baby

    It's not good. Please respect to people around you man.. So rude laaa he's action.. If it happen to me I dont want to talk nicely with that guy
  5. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Yes indeed! U can try to compare carousell with others site/apps and u can easily spot the difference that carousell is far more better than the others.
  6. Upcoming Birthday Party

    yahhh.. thats why i loves carousell. The best site/apps which provide things and always have newfeatures to make people easier to use.
  7. Upcoming Birthday Party

    i’m also new to carousell, trying to get familiar with it by do some scrolling and exploring the carousell then come across with one ads provide deco service event there.
  8. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Last week i just had birthday party at my place. I just called someone who sellparty items also she provided decoration services too. Oh ya.. I managed to chat her and askingeither she can help me deco the event or not. The best part is i got ultraman theme for the birthday party which is my son’s favourite. heee
  9. my travel time v lovely one again

    Try to get this card wei. http://www.citibank.com.my/english/credit-cards/cash-back-platinum.htm Travel insurance and extra benefits somore, how can anybody don't want this since its all nice and free. Plus i prefer their customer service, at least they are friendly.