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  1. Need help here

    i think the same way too if i be his mom.. as u know, if u use bill, might be expensive.. why don't u guys just use prepaid plan.. at least u can budgeting that u spent..
  2. yeahhh... thanks for the advice this is my 1st time having a yeast infection that's why i dont what to do.. thanks again.. =)
  3. consult with the doctor is too expensive.. i feel soitchy internal and external area too not comfortable to do my daily work routine as usual i cant walk properly because it's really uncomfortable i dont know what to right now!
  4. somebody help me please!! I got an infection at my vagina.. its hurt and bleeding when imscratching i can't stand anymore..
  5. Malaysia housing loan similar to SIBOR?

    Hey.. Just get to know got a topic talking about KLIBOR! I just go to standard charted bank asking for housing loan and the officer recommend 2 kind of package of conventional loan and KLIBOR loan. He got explain to me the different of both loan but for me still think it's so complicated. If for the moment, which loan is better for me to take?
  6. Which better?? HTC or Nokia??

    Of course choose HTC One Max lah!! It is better than Nokia Lumia 1020 a lot!! For example, the better front camera which is 2.1 megapixel and longer battery life!!
  7. 2012 Smartphone!!!

    Thanks a lot to my Uncle Aunty for the CNY angpau, be a mother liao there also give angpau, hahahaha Finally I can havemy first ever smartphone lol….. So pls all the member heregive me some advice…. I need a user friendly phone beside need to be COOL also lah……
  8. Reduce Public Holiday??

    Justread the article from The Star saying that Malaysia is having too many publicholiday and it may reduce the productivity….. What do u think ah????? http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/1/5/nation/10207483&sec=nation
  9. i just feel very confused that can we know we r pregnant before the period come??? Just afraid i have the Panadol during that time and cause side effect for the baby
  10. Need help from all of u

    Who is using the Kolony??? Can teach me ?? thethings is intresting but too complicated to me…Mayb gal is hard to understand this kind of service…Pls help me on it
  11. Im QQ beh!!!

    Dear all, im new here. Hope to get know all ofyou in this forum. Want to be fren?? Then send a reply here.