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  1. Just saw your reply after my replied hahahaha will probably buy this when i go out for grocery and mask, try to get all the things at once and reduce going out btw do you have any recommend forsurgical facemask?
  2. So now watson are selling reusablemask as well, good will go and have a look for it, since it is sold in watson so it should be qualified to filter out the virus and safe to use la.
  3. I saw many people wear the fancy2 one.Some from designer and premium brand. I think it is reusable masks more cost-effective option in the long run but need to be cared properly for them to be effective. Im still prefer surgical facemask. How bout you guys?
  4. how to fight ‘maskne’???

    The price for facemask now is kinda fix so no need to worry about overprice the quality iso so i feel safer purchasing it than unknown brand
  5. how to fight ‘maskne’???

    It is not that the mask contains chemical in which causes allergic but its kind of fabric material of the mask Agreed... change to a breathable mask that will not cause allergic. Try Medicos or Empro as i first switch because of the ISO certified and then realise its the material that wont cause allergy and for better protedtion
  6. Women Bikers

    may i know why? come and join me if u want after covid case become stable..
  7. Women Bikers

    back then in 2017..that time im still single and quite active like atleast once in 3 or 4months willparticipatethe motorcycle convoy .usually on weekend le
  8. Women Bikers

    it is all about passion and hobby .this activity not only for 'big bike' . kapcai also can have their own event.
  9. A house of my own

    Its okay lohh...don't worry that area is very ideal to build family there hahha...village area is much better than the city. am i right? its good 4 ur kids too one day. let them learn more about nature.
  10. A house of my own

    Which area do you prefer? Near city? or somewhere where u can enjoy a relaxing and quiet time with your family? As for my opinion, it's better for u to search a residence area first. look at the surrounding area near the residence. Is it safe or not. Safety first.
  11. Congee for baby and me❤

    That's nice. Many choices can be chosen,won'ttired of eating the same one.Btw, i never try b4, are these all based on Hong Kong's favourite?
  12. Congee for baby and me❤

    Sure, can i know abit about what types of congee are they selling?
  13. Congee for baby and me❤

    Is there any restaurant that u think the congee is taste good? Can recommend some of it to me?
  14. Congee for baby and me❤

    Congee really takes long time to cook, betterbuy from outside,can save more time..
  15. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    online you still can negotiate with the seller since it is their own item that they are selling, while at shop they are just workers who have no control over the selling price, so everything is fixed, either you buy it or you leave it