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  1. highly recommended place for IVF

    Hi ladies, Another disaster day for me today. Alpha is done with the ICSI procedure on my 6 frozen eggs transferred from KLFC. Oh God! 5/6 did not fertilize despite using donor sperm. 1/6 fertilized but did not grow further after Day 5. We asked for the reason of failure and Dr.Leong mentioned he doesn't know how could this happen. He was expecting at least 3/6 eggs to show positive results, but unfortunately none did. So no embryo freezing was done. Extreme emotional roller coaster is going on in me. I was hoping very high with my frozen eggs since Dr.Prashant gave 100% hope, Dr. Leong gave 50% hope....other doctors gave 40% hope. Now nothing left. Hubby and I plan to do another fresh cycle with Alpha again since we have our donor sperm stored there. I thought of trying other centres who has quite good success rate, but there are possibilities of them blaming on my frozen sperm...its death, it lose its quality while transfer etc. No more bull shitting excuses from these fertility doctors. My studies on this IVF treatment shows: 1. No doctor will guarantee we can produce sufficient eggs to quality or increase the IVF success rates - it all depends on how we response to the drugs 2. No doctor will guarantee fertilization will take place - it depends on GOD's power (embryologist just help to insert only) 3. No doctor will guarantee embryo will develop perfectly - it also depends on GOD's power (lab only prepares the environment not divide the cells) 4. No doctor will guarantee - finally we can get pregnant - also depends on GOD's power coz he is the life creator However, 1. Some doctors will 100% guarantee - we will produce at least 1 eggs - using best hormone injections in the world 2. Some doctors will 100% guarantee - eggs retrieved & frozen on the same day will look the same up till 5 years - coz of using world best technology 3. Some doctors will 100% guarantee - embryo frozen on the same day will look the same up till 5 years - coz of using world best technology 4. All doctors will 100% guarantee - sperm frozen on the same day will (most of them can come alive) right up to 5 years (feel like laughing but i just cant do it) When everything else fails: 1. Our technology is the BEST, may be your egg is WORST 2. Our technology is the BEST, may be your womb is not good 3. Our technology is the BEST, may be the sperm is problem that's why can't fertilize frozen eggs And the story goes bla..bla...bla.... WHAT KINDA FERTILITY WORLD AM I GETTING INTO MAN! Seriously no more words to describe my feelings....ladies. Gud Luck to you and me. GOD BLESS ALL!
  2. highly recommended place for IVF

    Hi ladies, My side of the story: 1st IVF cycle in KLFC under Dr.P in March 2015: - Hubby 3 SA results showed extreme poor sperm <1 mil count with <5% motility. All sperms were frozen for future use. - IVF treatment starts in March 2015, on ER day 10 eggs were retrieved. Upon thawing all 3 sperm samples found death so can't fertilize my eggs. Immediately frozen. - Dr.P gave 2 options either go for TESA or on 3 months injections for hubby to improve his sperms. Hubby blood test was done and was asked to come later date for the results. - Dr.P didnt share the results with us, but insist we go for TESA and it will yield >80% good results of seeing quality sperm extracted directly from his testicles. I recalled his blood test and wanted to know details. Dr. P said its extremely bad. TESA will help. (why didn't he do the blood test for my hubby prior to my treatment???) - TESA was done and no quality fresh sperm was found. Within 15mins we were asked to decide either go for "donor sperm" or use whatever sample of my hubby. We decided to use 4/10 frozen eggs trying with hubby's bad sperm. - Results : 2/4 didnt fertilize and 2/4 fertilized but stopped growing till day 5...all was discarded. No FET was done to me. - Dr. P said we can bring hubby's brother, friends or relatives to be our donor. So i wasted 2-3 months looking for a suitable donor and found 1. - Told Dr.P we got a donor and would like to continue, but he said he can't do with donor in KLFC coz he doesn't have the license to do so. Then WTF he asked us to look for donor?? Should have told us to refer else where with our frozen eggs. - My hubby works in overseas and i sacrificed all my precious time looking for donor and walking in and out of so many hospitals name it Prince Court KL, Metro Klang, Tropicana Puchong, Alpha, TMC, Sunfert, Damai Fertility....finally to hear such an irresponsible answer. - In my venture i manage to get a donor through an agent. Now we are deciding which centre to transfer our poor little eggs....Alpha is in consideration under Dr.Leong. (highly recommended by our agent) -No hospitals gives us guarantee on the success for frozen eggs, instead insist we do both frozen and fresh. Probably they don't want their success rates to be jeopardized. Moral of the story : Egg freezing should be planned rather than unplanned. If hubby sperm is extreme bad, trying to fertilize your eggs will only cause poor or no results. Not all hospitals have egg freezing or donor program facility. Although eggs are frozen, other hospitals looks at yours like it belongs to an alien (so afraid to accept them). All fertility doctor's are more concern about their hospital and self reputation while the patients carries all maximum risk. My private conversation with the hospital embryologist also shows that no guarantee is given for frozen eggs (rather fertilize them with donor or hubby on the ER day). Coz embryo is more stronger than eggs. Survival of thawing is better for embryo than eggs. Hoping the best with GOD's BLESSING!!!
  3. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi ladies, I have 6 frozen eggs @ KLFC and planning to transfer them to Alpha FC. I have to use donor sperm for my eggs coz hubby sperm is extremely bad. 4/10 frozen eggs fertilized only 2 fertilized an didn't grow well due to high fragmentation right up to blastocyst. My questions: 1. Any of you have done IVF/ICSI using frozen eggs? How is the success rate? 2. Which clinic is good in handling frozen eggs with good success fertilization? Many thanks & GOD Bless!
  4. Egg donor and success with it

    Hi, I am planning to use her for sperm donor. I heard she arranges for egg donor too.