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  1. Hair fall after labour

    ya i've found that somewhere on instagram and i think it's quite different from other products? since they provide double mineral
  2. Hair fall after labour

    That's very true. And i'm still looking for good products to take care of my hair bcs my hair condition is quite bad for now
  3. Hair fall after labour

    yeahh that's true tho but we also have to take care of our food intake to have a good hairr
  4. Hair fall after labour

    that's true and she had to take pills to help from the extreme hair falls. but now it's back to normal
  5. Hair fall after labour

    i used to take care of my sister and yes she have the same problems. it was probably because of the hormones after birth
  6. active kids at the petrol station

    ya, thats the way to reduce time at the petrol station.. just go out from the car to pump up the fuel into the easy//
  7. active kids at the petrol station

    that is not cool! need to trained them to behave i guess.. this is not even a playground.. parents should alert again, not only at petrol station but everywhere!!
  8. Invention for parents

    i use this app as well and it helps me a lot and save me time to go to the counter
  9. Invention for parents

    i use debit before thisand luckily now has ewallet because i always cashless
  10. Invention for parents

    Benefits aside, theres things can happen actually when u leave ur children inside the car. I heard alot of cases already. If it happens to me, sure menggelabah.
  11. Invention for parents

    Got cashback too eh ? 3 times use setel then got 10% cashback. Ok la
  12. Invention for parents

    i use this even i dont have baby. it is safe that you dont have to walk to the counter just stick near your car
  13. Where to eat?

    Hahahaha.. Not everybody suitable to eat vietnamese dishes la. But somehow i think some are altered to catered our people taste.
  14. Where to eat?

    Yeah. Basically just simple math. The main concern here is pork based food right? So it is confirmed its pork-free so it safe to say everybody can eat right.. Except for vegan la but they also serve vegetarian food there like vietnamese rice pepper salad
  15. Where to eat?

    This.. Phostreet got many good food. The price also reasonable. I usually got mytown cheras mall. Not mistaken at ioi putrajaya also got one branch.