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  1. My very first experience with a confinement nanny was rewarding and enriching. I am a first time mum and was searching intensively for confinement help when my best friend recommended Auntie Sophia. We had Auntie Sophia as my confinement nanny as she had worked with my best friends and Sophia was the one helping her to cope with the new additions. The only thing that kept me from engaging Confinement Nanny was articles mentioning that hiring a Confinement Nanny was not a necessity as nursing mum was able to cope and the disheartening myths and horror stories I heard and read from the Internet Blog. I had finally came in terms with my family members and they have also convinced me that an additional help would be nice and it is a must cause no one had any infant handling experience. During my recuperation period, Sophia was to give in to the needs of my Mother recognizing the Fact that she was very sensitive and hard to get along person, Sophia is able to mingle along with her and sometimes ‘give in’ to her requests which I remembered at heart in light to infant wearing clothe nappy or disposable nanny. Especially when I overheard both of them exchanges ideas and opinions over confinement meals and diets in the kitchen. Sophia was a person with a few words but equipped with very good spoken English, she is very helpful and skilled in helping me to ease my engorgement and aid me supportively to latch my infant with utmost patience ever! During confinement, the only that matters most is the well being of my infant which also were very well taken care of under Sophia’s meticulous attention. As I write this and reflect on that experience, it brings tears to my eyes. Partly because of remembering the pain I was in at that time but also tears of joy that someone cared enough to exchange and helped me with her knowledge and experiences. I have days where I get a little discouraged about household matters but Sophia will be there to console me and cheer me up. Since then I have shared my ‘own’ confinement nanny with many people. If you are looking for a confinement nanny, you might want to give her a call 012-5811263 (Malaysia.) 93818359 (Singapore)