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  1. The KL and Selangor Endometriosis Association is organising an Endometrioisis Awareness Workshop on the 29th of November 2014. Saturday, 8.30AM to 4PM. Open to the Public, tickets are RM40 per person. Meals provided. Speakers include 2 gynaecologists (medical management, fertility), traditional chinese medicine, yoga instructor and nutritionist. Venue: UTAR PJ campus facebook.com/endomarch.malaysia Contact: Hema / Joleena Tel: 03 - 79582628 ext 8663/8610 03 - 79572818 (direct line) Mobile: 016-2233563 Email: cee@utar.edu.my
  2. Hi Angie, I hope your pregnancy is well. Low dose aspirin is sometimes given in early pregnancy for a few reasons: - a history of miscarriage in the previous pregnancy - a history of pregnancy induced hypertension in the previous pregnancy - if the expecting mother has certain medical problems like hypertension or diabetes Rationale for giving aspirin: - aspirin at low doses has an anti-clotting effect, therefore increases blood flow. - the increase in blood flow through the womb is thought to promote optimal placenta growth, thereby reducing risk of miscarriage due to dysfunctional placenta and subsequent problems like pregnancy induced hypertension. - low dose aspirin is also given to patients with heart disease and stroke for the same purpose of 'improving' blood flow Risk of aspirin - There is a small, small risk of bleeding - Full dose is 300mg (this dose is for analgesia, ie, pain killer effect, ie, after a fall, or backache, etc) - gastritis, therefore best to eat during or after meals - risk of bleeding if going for operation, ie, surgery, tooth extraction How early to start aspirin? - some gynaes advise to start once pregnancy confirmed, ie, Urine pregnancy test positive - some start once the baby heart is seen, around 6 weeks When to stop - when side effects start, eg, bleeding, bad gastric - 12 weeks - sometimes up to 36 weeks, depending on different situations In conclusion, aspirin is safe and commonly prescribe for women with a previous miscarriage(s). Dr Chong Kuoh Ren, Obgyn/Fertility(IVF) my.linkedin.com/in/drkchong/