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  1. Congratulation..what a good news.. u should ask ur wife to take care of her oral hygiene to prevent gingivitis, gum bleeding and also bad breath..gum problem is quite common for pregnant woman..i had this problem previously..i think u should try to use 0.02mm bristle’s toothbrush..this kind of bristle is soft and won’t hurt the gum
  2. Gum bleeding!!I'm pregnant..:(

    Thank you to all of u..i will try to use Systema toothbrush 1st..see whether got improvement or not..hopefully got..and thanks to those that provide info and method that help to relieve gum bleeding..
  3. Gum bleeding!!I'm pregnant..:(

    i appreciate the info that u provided..i will consider about that..just wan to ask beside change my toothbrush..is there any other method that can be used to relieve gum bleeding??
  4. i'm pregnant and i have gum bleeding problem whenever i brush my teeth..i so worried that this condition will affect my baby..anyone can help me with this??