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  1. DEAR MOMMIES, A Taiwan Listed Products now coming to Malaysia and even can deliver to your doorstep. Our premium products HiBIS Natural Herbal Sanitary Napkins are suitable for all mommies during confinement period and also for all ladies during the normal period time. The special of HiBIS - National Quality Guarantee Golden Award by Taiwan Government (ISO 9001 & CNS 9324) - Herbal extracts which is based on the ancient Chinese medical theory (Aloe, Menthe, Houttuynia) - Ultra thin 2mm close to the private - Super absorption - Aluminum resealable package maintain effects of herbal extracts & clean, anti-wet and anti-sunlight - Better the uncomfortableness during menstruation - Cool feeling - Anti-bacteria - Eliminate bad odor - Hygiene Please contact me (018-2133870 - Li Li) and visit my facebook page www.facebook.com/KordysTrading for more product and information. Please do not hesitate to PM for further details or inquires. Thank you.
  2. Hello! anybody using before or come across about this brand "HiBIS QQ Baby Diapers". seek for your experience and comments. Thank you.