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  1. IUI

    Hi Longbean I did nt test 2 days ago and it was 1.5........ doctor said low risk. Also completed wkly injection. Will be doing DS at in another 8 wk...... Yah, was told by nurse..... from head to toe to check for every parts of baby. And can take baby pic. I m still having my regular followup at Metro Klang. I like it there. Hope my next 6 months will be fine. Thanks again till a long way to 9 months..
  2. IUI

    Hi longbean, I m 32. Thanks for your advice.
  3. IUI

    Hi, I did twice IUI. First with clomid + IUI, not successful. 2nd with FSH + IUI and was successful. Had spotting for a day soon after UPT was positive. Im now 8 weeks with baby heart seen. Doctor said baby growing well I m still getting injection weekly. Is it necessary and how long? Anyone with experience?