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  1. Dear mummies, Do anyone face gastritis during pregnant? If yes, what medications dr gave? I just unable to digest for the pass few days.... Currently going hit week 20, instead put on weight. I am losing weight. Cannot eat... Please share your experience.
  2. Anyone doing IVF?

    penguin, I also scare jab.... i asked my husband to inject for me at tummy area. Jus close eyes.... As acupuncture.... really painless for me... i feel very relax during every session of acupuncture. I did my acupuncture sessions at puchong as it is nearer my house. You may try to read thru www.xifertility.com. or find nearby TCM at your house area, drop by and talk to the dr. See what they can offer and help you.
  3. Anyone doing IVF?

    hi penguin, For me to improve the chance, i went to acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. I read before, some articles encourage to detox body, rebuild the stamina for husband and wife. And of coz, positive mindset is very important.
  4. Anyone doing IVF?

    Penguin, Even you intend to get egg donor, you need to ensure your own health is tip top too. So please dont so sad. And of coz, must know the cause of infertility as what grace20 mentioned. This will help you to decide the path of treatment.
  5. Yup... the fees still at higher side. The staffs are ok and very helpful.... As my first semester is not a smooth journey, I always call and ask the staffs in clinic for advise or pass msg to dr. Asking Dr to call back...
  6. Dear all, Do you face any indigestion problem during second semester? I had 1 pc of papaya around 11am, until 12.30pm.... i feel so uncomfortable and vomit papaya with stomach acid and it hurts the stomach and esofagus. I feel my tummy always bloated.... any home remedies or suggestion? I tried to eat something soft and easy digest food like porridge, mee suah.... And before sleep, i usually have nestum and biscuit... but in middle of nite around 3-4am, i sure wake up feeling uncomfortable and vomit bile.... then i have biscuits and just able rest back. Is anyone facing the same condition? Really dont understand..... why got so many extra bile juice and acid juice during pregnancy?
  7. Hi grace20, Meeting Dr. Navdeep and decide IVF procedure is also some sort of coincident. I had been TTC for 3 years and went to few gynaes, hospital like sunway, chinese traditional dr even tung shin hospital. But they unable find what is the core or source of problem. Till one day, we drop by Dr. Navdeep clinic in puchong and he pointed out maybe is MALE problem and instead pat on my husband's shoulder asking him relax.... he arrange him for more test and consultation at TMC. So from there, we felt at least he did something rather than we are clueless. Dr. Navdeep is ok for me and nearer to where i stay. Dr. Surinder is good but I need travel quite a distance. During pregnancy, I feel stress when i trapped in jam or travel long distance. As for the FET cost, I have to pay extra 6-8k(unable to remember now) for the extra tolling charges. Ya, now I just slowly recover and feel better.
  8. Hi all members, I have been a reader for sometimes... but would like to share my IVF experiences and hope future mum-to-be can take as a references to build up your body for the little one. Currently I am 15 weeks pregnant and it is an IVF success case. I did mine IVF at TMC under Dr. Navdeep. I was on long protocol and did not transfer the embroys after 3 days due to my progesterone hormone too high after egg retrieval procedure. Since it was near christmas and chinese new year, I postponed the embryo transfer procedure. Glad I did that choice as i give my body a break from all the hormone injections and stress. But what I missed out here and would like to share is the important of rebuild back the stamina and detox the body to ensure mummy's body is ready for little one. During the 3-4 months break, I went to Chinese Traditional Dr to strengthen my body thru acupuncture and herbs. It really does help a bit but it is still not enough. I stopped all my vitamin supplements as I thought dont want mix with herbs. A big mistake. My first IVF attempt was successful. The two weeks waiting period, starting is OK. I quite enjoy and relax but nearer to the end, I start to stress. (which is normal i guess, the feeling of afraid that thing would not turn out to be positive). I was confirmed pregnant at week 4 and my morning sickness started at week 6. It is really suffering. All the joys and happiness, suddenly replace with vomit and feeling sick whole day. Dr prescribed Maxalon to help with the vomit. So, now pregnancy diet become maxalon, biscuit and plain water. My body become weak. Family members, relatives and friends that never been thru IVF treatment, they will not understand and treat this is normal and will go away by the end of first semester. The sickness was not improving till I vomited blood. During the first semester, Dr prescribed aspirin, folic acid and vaginal progesterone insert (i forget the medicine name, and it is quite stressful for me... lying down for 1-2 hours). IVF treatment is quite stressful and with the morning sickness, it become more stressful. I was so stress to the extend, i unable to sleep at night. It add more stress to my weak body. Own body hormone plus extra hormone from medicines, the whole system is crazy. I start to read and try to understand what happen. And i found some article on Milk thistle and liver detox before pregnancy. I found it is true, the extra hormone during the long protocol is already stressful to our liver and during the two week waiting period, more hormones plus our body hormone. Morning sickness hits, make it difficult to eat, drink normally to help to detox and rebuild the liver function. So i really hope, my stressful experience can help some future mum-to-be.... to prepare for your little one.