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  1. It is our travelling time again.... a bit excited dunno why:p But...should i bring all my credit card with me or not? just travel for few days....erm..erm...i think bring some card tat i use always one better...i also dunno...anyone be4 travel headache v which card to bring?why ?
  2. Im kungfiupanda..

    My movie coming soon..please support me ya..wkaka..hop to get more frens... im kungfupanda....TQTQ
  3. Time to shop!!

    haha...cry for what ?you already buy what...but anyone also cant control one if hear the words SALES:p currently i have a friend apply for citibank cash back card. she say got additional discount....this is the link she give it to me..hope can help you..http://www.citibank....ck-platinum.htm ..go apply n shop again:p