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  1. Eco friendly home set-up

    hhahahaso true! this Panasonic brand was so high tech even they called it 3Di inverter cuz got sensors and inverter motor to detect the laundry needs in order to minimize the consumption of energy/water/time.. just so amazing this features!
  2. Eco friendly home set-up

    btw..they have this unique features they called it Blue Ag+.. It's something techno that combines Ag ion and UV light using cold water to eliminate the bacteria..just so cool for me
  3. Eco friendly home set-up

    Exactly ! they got specific washing programs for different fabrics like cotton, synthetic, delicate, bedding, soak, allergy, collar& sleeve and much more..
  4. Eco friendly home set-up

    yeap you're right XD I just bought the latest Panasonic front load washer for about half years ago.. so much eco friendly and so many unique features better than average washer..
  5. Eco friendly home set-up

    yeap..Panasonic was consider as eco friendly especially their washing machine..
  6. Sensitive skins babies

  7. Sensitive skins babies

    seriously if need to avoid rashes and other allergy symptoms it better to get like multifunctional washing machine and extra care with the kind of detergent as well.
  8. Sensitive skins babies

    Mine front load. I bought the one with latest tech Panasonic the 12kg wan..happy with it lu and till now also feel worth it , half year d. Save time la n save space cause like 2 in 1 so make my life easier but I didn’t buy cuz of that la..i bought cause of the Blue something tech that kills germs or was it and allergen le n something about llike clothes u wash will be protected from germs…I think can google la shud have but cause of covid and ive got a small baby so I think all these really necessary
  9. Sensitive skins babies

    Other than clothes material, i think clothes cleanliness also the reasons.. Sometime if we don't wash clothes properly also can caused rashes not just baby but adults too..
  10. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    but normally the baking house selling those ingredients in higher price compare to supermarket and they seldom have discount, while supermarket having more sales
  11. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    i use 2kg of cornflakes with 1kg of rice bubbles to make it looks nicer. tats the market price i think, but not sure the cookies nice anot
  12. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    where you bought ur ingredients? buy it during the shop or supermarket having discounts sales so that can save more
  13. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    quite tiring but i enjoy the time spend with my family while baking. i bought some cookies too as gift when visit others house
  14. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    like the cornflakes is quite fast, simple steps only. if you make it with family it will be very fast. last time i uses just around two hours to make one big tupperware of the honey cornflakes