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  1. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    but normally the baking house selling those ingredients in higher price compare to supermarket and they seldom have discount, while supermarket having more sales
  2. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    i use 2kg of cornflakes with 1kg of rice bubbles to make it looks nicer. tats the market price i think, but not sure the cookies nice anot
  3. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    where you bought ur ingredients? buy it during the shop or supermarket having discounts sales so that can save more
  4. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    quite tiring but i enjoy the time spend with my family while baking. i bought some cookies too as gift when visit others house
  5. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    like the cornflakes is quite fast, simple steps only. if you make it with family it will be very fast. last time i uses just around two hours to make one big tupperware of the honey cornflakes
  6. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    homemade cookies are the best! i love baking cookies with my sister before festivals
  7. Homecare for the slow learner?

    They already mentioned in this thread. Caregiverasia provide a very good service for this. You can look at the prices for each caregivers accordingly. They differ based on their expertise and quality i guess. But thats a good place to start if you wanna find one
  8. Homecare for the slow learner?

    yeah I have a nephew with special need as well and taking care of him isnt easy. Sure you need patience and everything but professionals would know what to do in some situations that require skill and knowledge to handle
  9. My mum keep tell the neighbour about shell card..early morning already chitchat at outside… Talk about 8% rebates…make her very happy lah etc... But no need keep talk about this right…so funny mymum….is it shell card 8% rebate is the highest in market? If no, y my mum stil happy like this?
  10. Shopping to reduce Depression.

    only for girl can depress den shop??guy can also?cause i also like to shop:pbut Im worth to shop cause I can have additional discount for citibank cash back card...not really feel hurt when you shop at GP sales... worth cause no minimum spend required as well...get the info from citibank when i went there pass few days:)