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  1. Beauty Product Victim

    is it true in carousell wecan do negotiation?
  2. Beauty Product Victim

    Alright thanks for letting me know about it yeah, I guess I will go and have a look for myself regarding this Carousell platform, who knows might find something that I am interested with, and better yet if I can get it for a cheaper price than usual xD
  3. Beauty Product Victim

    I see I see, but its just that sometimes I would hesitate to contact the seller even though I want to know more about the stuff that I am interested in buying as I had to contact him or her through Whatsapp, feeling not safe exposing my phone number to stranger like that.
  4. Beauty Product Victim

    Yeah this I agree, if want share photo about travelling or food still ok lah, but if selling things then I really annoyed since there are so many people selling these kind of stuff, if I want to buy things I would look for it on specific shopping platform, not on FB.
  5. I have a autistic kid

    Yes as parents you would definitely struggle with looking after them especially at a young age where they would not want to talk with anyone and just play with their own things. That's why we should seek the aid from other people who knew how to care after them as not to hinder their growth when growing up into teenagers.
  6. I have a autistic kid

    Hmm I just wonder why we had not heard about this website before even though their service quality is so good? Is it because their organisation is still quite new so not much people knew about it previously?
  7. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Yes Caregiverasia provides all sort of services such as taking care of pregnant women, babies, little kids, senior citizens and also patients who were recovering from accidents, you can give a try to find the service that you are looking for yeah.
  8. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Last time my aunty was quite worry because her son was diagnosed with autism, luckily she was recommended by her friends to give Caregiverasia a try and managed to find a caretaker who knew how to take care of children with autism, she even taugh my aunty some of the ways to deal with such special children and right now she dont worry that much already.
  9. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Well house keeping is also a must especially during the confinement period where woman are not advised to move around too much right? So it is counted within their job scope too including cooking and doing laundry.
  10. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Well through the caregiverasia platform you will able find any caretakers available in your area by narrowing down the search list, it is very easy to use and all the caretakers had undergo professional training so you need to be worried about their skills.
  11. Smelly paint smell

    Actually how did theycalculate the cancellation fee?
  12. hi morning..im quite new at this forum just wan find more friend n share something... My twins kids birthday on June when school holiday... Want to bring them to Sarawak travel n celebrate there....Not sure will be expensive or not for whole family holiday... but luckily is yesterday my auntie call me say airasia have a family holiday start from RM29? is it real? or just a joke?If real i might try my luck see can get or not:)
  13. Lets get on Zero Fair

    So far i managed to get the tickets that i wan coz have early notification from citibank or is it from air asia...not sure..anyway think i rec'd the notification 1 day ahead of time because i have citibank air asia credit card hehe...now off to bali !!!