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  1. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Theres so many reviews on this website lately. Looks like a very trustable source of employing dailycaretakers. Thumbs up!
  2. Homecare for the slow learner?

    I've heard stories like this as well at the daycare. This is why you should consult an expertabout this. Day to day sitting a special kid is quite difficult, if you are new at this, better hire a professional first
  3. Homecare for the slow learner?

    If you have a child that is special, please note that special attention need to be given to them. They sometimes reacts differently to mundane things and may harm themselves in the process (well this apply to normal kids as well). If you arent able to, hire a professional to do it or teach it to you. They deserve to grow and treated like a normal person as well.
  4. Homecare for the slow learner?

    This is the worst case scenario. Thats why special kids needs special attention that only trained adults how to deal with them. They differ from normal people and each other so you need to be really experienced and knowledgeable to take care of them
  5. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Exactly. If you are a stay at home parents you'll learn eventually how to deal with them but if you are new to this you might want some professional help. Hiring professional caretakers is a good start
  6. Homecare for the slow learner?

    What do you mean by slow learner? Is she considered special needs or autistic like that? If thats the case you might need professionals to take care of her. Normal sitters might have trouble handling and managing special cases like this
  7. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    That's true as we can choose the caretakers as they are registered with prefessionak training without we having to worried their background when we choose them for the services that they provided.
  8. Malaysia housing loan similar to SIBOR?

    I also know that start 2015 all the housing loan will count in KLIBOR rate and mean by in 2015 all the loan we get will be in KLIBOR!! just wonder what is the KLIBOR rate now?? Where can we get the rate?? Since the KLIBOR rate is change daily so the housing loan interest rate also change daily??? Will it be risky on this??
  9. who want new iphone???

    actually depend on u what purpose of the phone.. wanna just show off or want to make use of it??? But all back to all, better u sign up a plan with phone, can save more de.... Pls make sure no contact on current phone lah... Here is video of new Iphone for u!
  10. Reduce Public Holiday??

    Oh, u r talking abt the Call Me Tone AThon is it??? Check it out here http://www.thecube.my/mdp/cmtathon.js
  11. Reduce Public Holiday??

    Hahaha, im just employee whocan enjoy all this public holiday… If the company pay me double I don’t mind towork on these holiday also… really need the $$$$ to pay off my loan de….

    what taht mean??
  13. hahaha kena spot check already..during office hour should be working and not checking stuff hehe....i saw this logo too at pj up town...think some event la Actually is just the logo for CELCOM KOLONY! Not believe then click to their link n c https://kolony.com.my/kolony/web/index.php