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  1. Selling Zara dresses

    Hai all, anyone know where I can sell my worndresses? Some are from zara, h&m and uniqlo After giving birth to my son, I cant seem to fit many of my clothes anymore and felt its just a waste to throw it away...
  2. Letting go of my daughter's art

    or you sell the crafts on carousell... they have a whole category and section of crafts and handmade goods.. and it is easy to register there.
  3. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Thank you! Seems like u know well on how to use the carousell. U really helps me a lot with your answers...
  4. Upcoming Birthday Party

    I see.. that easier than i thought la...
  5. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Hiiiii... Anyone here can teach me how to sells item at carousell? Is there any fees charges?
  6. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    Hello parents, My son is 3 years old up coming year. He is my eldest and my only son. After having him, my gynaecologist recommended me not to have more. Long story short, the thing is we might have overbought things. And before these stuff turn too old, I am planning to sell a few items like stroller, walker, baby toys etc.. but I am still looking for a mother friendly platform where I can ensure my trade is easy to use for me and the ones that are interested with the stuff. Any suggestions?
  7. Any plan for kids for school holiday?

    may be u can let them take up short camp to motivate them or drawing classes.. at least u no need to stress for few days..
  8. Housewife that keen on studying business course, possible ?

    ya i agree with thomasim87.. have to handle both family and education is quite difficult.. but i really wanna give it a try. any idea which college or university has the business administration course for adult like me ?
  9. I'm a aged 29 housewife. Currently bored of staying at home just for household chores, cooking , groceries and so on.. So, yeah, I planned to take a business course, to improve my wisdom and knowledge/ But, I'm so confused to choose which university. cuz i prefer evening course or part time course. Need help.. I mean which criteria that I should really think of before applying the course ? thanks!
  10. I heard that Lee Hom is coming to Genting for this second round of Music Man concert this 28th March wor. is it real ? haiz. now only I know. too late to buy ticket dy. any idea where can i get fast and cheaper ticket? if free then lagi best!
  11. arsenal or chelsea ticket for sale??

    OMG oh my goodness!! i got the free ticket! haha.. i have the chance to go and watch chelsea game this thurs!! hahahaha.. here thanks to celcom who gv me this free now i can watch fernando torres and ashley cole so near to me!!
  12. Need help from all of u

    Yes, I'm here to help you now !! It is very easy to use an you will like it very much.. I'm using it right now and addicted to it ...!! Haha.. Here you can learn it how to use..