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  1. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    They have listed prices that you can choose from low to high in prices according to services that you want to take but based on the caretaker themselves that they have set up their own prices per hour for service given.
  2. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    There are various website nowadays that provides confinement services. You can just google it. No need to go out to the some company in order to find the confinement lady.
  3. How do you know the old people care about you? When they keepasking you a lot of questions. LOL
  4. i think that is vaginal yeast infection. u can wash miss v with feminine wash at first.. its up to u what kind products it is. then u apply candazole.candazolequite famous haha u can go to guardian and ask the staff.
  5. Hellooo mummies.... Started potty train for my LO 1 mth it too early coz my MIL said too young since she may not understand what happen which I disagreed!!! Anyway that's not the main issues...lately notice that my LO tends to 'hold on' and sometime refuse to go to the toilet to poo....and when she did poo..her stools are dark and hard..she seems to have difficult time passing it out this a sign of constipation or is it because of too early potty training?? She don't really like fruits and vege and eat a bit when force... Google and found an article about too early potty training is no good...should I stop?
  6. Hey, I think not necessarily you must do Taylor's or Sunway. If you want to study Business, i guess Business Admin is the most suitable for a housewife like you. Afterall it touches every aspect in business that you can relate with you everyday life! For evening and weekend classes, Inti is now working with University of Hertfordshire, UK in offering this 3+0 program. Why don't you check it out?
  7. if you are in arts stream, may be u can imagine that better.. I meant by using feathers, and scan through a HP printer, then print it out on 1500 pcs of A4 paper, then carefully arrange them together to form a giant bird... looks more like a dove with eagle eyes.. guess what.. all this done by RED HONG YI alone.. so, i guess this is one of her legendary masterpiece//
  8. of course need to detail abit la.. abo later u guys dont und.. haha btw, had u 4get bout the star epaper 6 mths free subscription o?? have u ever try to read news on tablet??
  9. yup samsung fans here!! xD but i not very know la. cause havent explore it yet, hehe paiseh the note just launch.. and ar, tab and note are differ de actually.. cause of the software. not their look la.. note 10.1 using the android 4.0v lo.. and also S pen and S note.. which use the stylus technology.. for us easier to write ont he screen.. cool huh,. so these are the info i can give la.. hopefully it helps!
  10. tips ? hahaha.. then u better check it out here.. better do it fast cuz it is ending on 29th july.. but, to win it you must be Celcom customer, XPax, UOX or SOX coz you need to pick a pack from voice till MMS and send it to *128#
  11. hi guys, heard of whatchuwant or not ? guess what is the pic below ? these are some clues for you: 1. It makes u go Wheeeee 2. Hello social life 3. instant confident booster 4. it is a super awesome prize
  12. arsenal or chelsea ticket for sale??

    haha..i just joined the celcom who will win the challenge too! hmm, i will be very happy if i win the free chelsea ticketss. I really hope I can win the autographed jersey too..very nice hahaa.. anyway tmrrow will be the last day for the challenge already.. i wil try my very best for my 6 remaining challenges at here wish me luck!
  13. arsenal or chelsea ticket for sale??

    Have you managed to watch the game yesterday? Arsenal vs malaysia! 4-0 arsenal winss! hahahaah.. I am so happy with it..the game is superb.. i think the free chelsea ticket is still available to grab.. you better get it now hurry up.. if notm you will regret.. there wil be autographed jersey to be won too..haha. good luck.. more details here..
  14. arsenal or chelsea ticket for sale??

    Wow.. you are such a good dad.. Hmm, my son is also arsenal's fan.. But i think now it is too late to buy the tickets as almost all the tickets are sold out.. I got mine for free from Celcom.. as they are giving out 100 free tickets for football fans.. haha.. awesome huh.. but your son gonna missed the arsenal games..