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  1. Pregnancy side effect?

    Hi,i faced a same situation with you,i pregnant 8 mnths now. I very take care of my gums now as the the bacteria in our gums will gather together n swallowed by ourself when we swallow saliva.this will affect the baby and potentially bring on preterm labor. To avoid this kind of situation,i brush my teeth twice daily and floss m teeth after every meal to control my gingivitis for last few months.i bring my tooth brush along in my bag so that i cn brush my teeth anytime when needed. After few weeks,i can see the instant improvement on my gums. You can have a try!
  2. I jus delivered my baby gal 4 months ago,faced same situation in the early stage of pregnant. I had consulted my dentist, n he told me that gum bleeding is a common to pregnant lady, he told me to take it relax as I cn brush my teeth with correct toothbrush. So, dun worry, gum bleeding can be cure, you can get a systema toothbrush from supermarket. Systema has a kind of toothrush with soft bristles that suit for pregnant mother. I tried and its great, maybe u can try it.