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    Hi Lee Ling, Am so sorry to hear that your sis-in-law is having a tough time. Being a first time mum is hard, even though i prepared so much for it. The first sign of PPD for me was also fatigue. I was tired all the time, yet i couldn't sleep and worried a lot about my baby. I also had low milk supply which cause a lot of breastfeeding issues for me. Later my conditioned worsened and i got anxiety attacks, panic disorders, unable to concentrate on tasks, complete lack of confidence, depression and more. I really would encourage her to see a doctor if she has half or more of the signs of PPD. U can check them here: In Malaysia, seeing a psychotherapist is considered taboo becos there is so little information about this. But tell your sis-in-law, seeing this doctor is the best thing i did to help me in my motherhood journey. There is no shame, it is like seeing any other doctor for a illness. Contact Dr Brian Ho in Pantai Hospital 03-22960715. He is very experienced and one of the best out there. His charges are expensive but worth every penny. Pls feel free to let me know if i can help in any way.
  2. Help is available

    Hi! I suffered from Post Natal Depression after the birth of my son a few months ago. It was the most horrible experience of my life and so extremely tough to get through. One of the hardest things was that nobody seem to know how to help me. Finally my midwife gave me a contact for a doctor who explained what post natal depression was and he helped me get out of it in 2 weeks. It was the biggest life changing experience of my life. I just want all those who are suffering from this to know that u CAN get out of it. All it takes is medication to balance out the bio-chemistry imbalance. Pls PM me as I wanna help u just as my mid-wife had helped me. I can share my experience with u and refer u to the right doctor. Motherhood is such a joy for me now and every mum should have the right to enjoy it instead of suffering in silence.