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  1. Lets get on Zero Fair

    Air Asia loves throwing their zero fair promo at us quite alot. Its all good and all until you find out that trying to even get a spot on the plane is hell. I mean every time they do it i can never get in. Their web crashes and their phones are never answered. Is there an easier way to do this?
  2. Shopping to reduce Depression.

    As some will tell you, for girls shopping actually reduce depression for a time. Kinda true since most of what my friends do when they are depress is shop. So for you girls who have depression why not go to the GP sales. I know you will feel good after your spend~ Now if only i have money to actually to reduce my sadness aswell.
  3. Trouble some la.

    Why must credit card always send to house and not anywhere else, very troublesome la. Got no other way to get them to come to me meh?
  4. Time to shop!!

    I hear the BP sales are on, thats great news!!! Now here is where i cry my heart out as i have alreadt spent most of what i have last month........Should i go bug my BF to sponsor abit?
  5. how to pay exp with 2 credit cards??!!!

    Hohoho... looks like someone might need to cut back. But maybe this will keep your interest. http://www.citibank.com.my/english/promo/allcards-2011q1.htm?utm_source=cbolhm&utm_medium=mbanner&utm_campaign=allcards-2011Q1 Citibank now seems to be trying to pull cc users to them. I hear they giving free GPS and RM138 rebate. First i see a bank actually giving out something usefull. If i haven't already gotten their card iw ould not mind having a go~