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  1. Hi, my name is Lucy Smith, we're going to be talking about the perfect earrings to wear with a little short black dress. When accessorizing the perfect little black dress, earrings is always the best way to go and here we have Luxaw jewelry which is really really good for these particular dresses, loops and teardrop earrings and that's why we're going to showcase some of them with the models. As we can see in the little black dresses that we have on display today on the models, we also use the jewelry by Luxaw which are these beautiful earrings that's she's modeling right now. They are really contemporary and decorate at the same time and they are all pave finished diamonds. They are really really beautiful and the way she accessorized the dress with the earrings allow her to do also jewelry and like we have the ring, we have the bracelets and it's always framing the little black dress. You can dress it up very very nicely. So on here we have Brooke, her dress is a little more than the basic little black dress. It's a strapless. She can accessorize it with necklaces but in this case we decided to go with a beautiful large loop earrings which has pave finished diamonds as well and it's very different than the basic earrings that you can see in the stores just because it's a little more modern technique. She also is wearing a beautiful bracelet with pave finished diamonds that matches her earrings. So it's really really cute and the piece of ring is a very contemporary modern ring. Thank you. You can buy your perfect Earrings on these big online shop: