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  1. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    Hai ladies, just saw this thread. Isold some of my stuff athttps://my.carousell.comtoo! Put up around 4 stuff and sold it all..
  2. Hi everyone, i'm looking for a trusted babysitter for a week due to we are going to travel for a week...please give suggestion for me. thanks
  3. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    They even taking part timer for various time of services that quite easier for someone whos doing freelancer job. I also will try it as i have some experience taking care of dementia people.
  4. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Thats true tho bcoz we can just search and compare for best price and services. I heard about this one website called caregiver asia from my friends. There are variousservicesthat provided and did not have limited prices or they charged fixed prices for certain services.
  5. Crispy Onion Rings Recipe

    Yummy! I like all the onion rings in the world, but I'm lazy to do it for myself haha
  6. Are you a caring or noisy parent?

    Same problem here! Sometimes I just want to know their life and feelings....sharing is caring right? but for our children now, sharing =too muchnoisy ...
  7. have u heard about Canesten?? it's the complete solution to Vaginal Yeast Infection or fungal infection u can find it at pharmacyn try it first then see how la
  8. that's we call fungal infection babe most women can tell by the symptoms if they are having a repeated infection. there got a lot of product treatment that u can get to treat
  9. Vagina discharge issue

    No it's not! A healthy body will not come out any liquid with your vagina. You can visit to the pharmacy and buy an anti-fungal cream named Canesten to apply into your vagina This product works perfectly on anti-fungal treatment, you can give it a try. Perhaps it might help But of course the most important part is you have to seek for obstetrician before you apply any medication
  10. Vagina discharge issue

    If I'm not mistaken, according to the conditions above, you're facing the VYI(Vaginal Yeast Infection) During pregnancy because the change of hormone may cause VYI. In my opinion, you better seek for obstetrician to get solution/treatment
  11. 2YO too early for potty train???

    thanks for sharing the article!! me also PT my boy when he is 1 1/2 yrs old....a bit hard coz you know la boy tends to 'water' it everywhere anyway don't think potty train will cause constipation la..mostly it's the food & liquid intake and also the milk formula that may cause constipation la.. anyway don't waste your effort la..PT trained for 1 mth already so keep it up!!! 'add oil' mommy BBphire
  12. Which better?? HTC or Nokia??

    Both of them are running on the diff platform, for HTC One max is running on android, while nokia lumia is running on window . u can choose the one u get used of ....
  13. Dessert

    looks simple and easy! let me try first .....haha thank you