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  1. Letting go of my daughter's art

    This is exactly true, for your information if you are a new seller you should go and edit your username and profile picture that suits you in your profile page, detail information on how to do it is inside the link below.
  2. Letting go of my daughter's art

    Well most of the people nowadays spend their freetime browsing FB right? So by allowing you to share your Carousell selling links directly to FB makes it easier for people to have a look at what you are selling, and they can just click in to know more information if they are interested.
  3. Letting go of my daughter's art

    Dont worry, at Carousell you dont need to provide personal information such as your phone number unless you had already agreed to deal through postage where the seller would then need your address and such, pretty safe I would say.
  4. Letting go of my daughter's art

    Social media is okay but I prefer you can sell it on online market platform such as Carousell as you can reach more people there, can also directly share the links of your selling on Carousell to FB or Whatsapp for interested parties.
  5. Letting go of my daughter's art

    You should give Carousell a try to sell the handcrafts that she had made, people all around Malaysia had also been selling their own handmade crafts and items on the platform and so far had been making quite a decent profit.
  6. I have a autistic kid

    That is why i'mlooking for an experienced nurse who cantreatment autistic child. I believe caregiverasia have the person that i want.
  7. I have a autistic kid

    Thiswebsiteis useful, andIfoundmany medical services there,IthinkIwould book a home nursingwho familiar intreatingan autistic child.
  8. I have a autistic kid

    Yes~ i sent and doctor suggested me to buildsomeactivities that involvedsocial interaction but the problem is i have no time even i got i also have no ideahow to build activities...
  9. Hi everyone, I need some suggestions formy 5 years old son with autistic. He really not willing to communicate with people, so i decide to find a part timer nurse or who are expert in this field to help my autistic son.
  10. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    Hai ladies, just saw this thread. Isold some of my stuff athttps://my.carousell.comtoo! Put up around 4 stuff and sold it all..
  11. Hi everyone, i'm looking for a trusted babysitter for a week due to we are going to travel for a week...please give suggestion for me. thanks
  12. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    They even taking part timer for various time of services that quite easier for someone whos doing freelancer job. I also will try it as i have some experience taking care of dementia people.
  13. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Thats true tho bcoz we can just search and compare for best price and services. I heard about this one website called caregiver asia from my friends. There are variousservicesthat provided and did not have limited prices or they charged fixed prices for certain services.
  14. Crispy Onion Rings Recipe

    Yummy! I like all the onion rings in the world, but I'm lazy to do it for myself haha
  15. Are you a caring or noisy parent?

    Same problem here! Sometimes I just want to know their life and feelings....sharing is caring right? but for our children now, sharing =too muchnoisy ...