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  1. Pepole who smoking and baby

    This doesn't sound safe to me.

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  3. Hi, have anyone tried right brand training on your kids? Any experience to share?
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  5. I would say you can start after 12 months, but it has to depend on how well the kid takes it as well.
  6. help me please..what should i do ??

    Please try to give more water and visit a doctor.
  7. We will remove all adoption request / response from this forum as we feel that is not the right place for such matters.
  8. SHopping at Qoo10

    Shopped for some items, quality not bad.
  9. First baby in October

    Congrats!! Do keep us posted
  10. Just monitor and consult your doctor if you really worry about that. Hope everything is fine and you are half way there
  11. May be just consult your doctor during checkup, it might not be so serious.
  12. Instead of banning the topic all together, may be we can suggest a way to facilitate that discussion in a more controlled way? For example dedicate a topic and confine the discussion there.
  13. Hi, i'm monitoring the situation, have the same feeling as well. We don't have concrete move yet, but will be working on it.
  14. fussy baby

    Some babies can lay there and entertain themselves. For mine, I need to keep her entertained, for example keep talking/singing/dancing to her, show her different things, bring her around show her different things as well. Tiring....