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  1. It works!

    I have been teaching my baby some sign language as well since he was 2 months. He is 9 months now. It took patience to teach him. So far no progress. It is interesting to hear some parents who manage to do this. Can you please share? I even modify the signs by saying it all in Malay words. So he could catch it faster as we converse more in Malay than English. Is language a barrier?
  2. fussy baby

    Can you be more specific? Want more of what?
  3. Just make sure you don't eat anything that is raw or look like raw. Raw food are not safe and may contain some contamination that can be easily kill if it was well cooked.
  4. Hi. I am a regular reader of this forum and as a mommy of one lovely child, I go to this kind of forum to seek help. However, I saw an increase in this forum to adopt or to find baby for adoption. This forum has changed to a 'sale and advert' forum rather than an helping forum. So whoever is the admin, please try to stop this kind of thread. Some who 'advert' their baby to be adopt are not real. They just cut and paste from internet. This is what I think so far. Thanks for reading.