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  1. infertility issues

    if you have any kind of infertility issues please feel free to call or contact us.If you make an early decision to have a tubal ligation as a method of contraception and now desire to have more children. Our mission is to make tubal reversal surgery safe, comfortable, affordable and basically to give people the best medical care they could possibly have. Advanced Tubal Ligation Reversal Center of Dr. Morice offer tubal ligation reversal Surgery that restores fertility to women after a tubal ligation
  2. How to makes the menses be more accurate??

    agreed with@ babysiew totally EPO oil really works in your condition but above all ten months is not the maximum time so dont b depressive n enjoy ur hubby best of luck and lot of best wishes for this year
  3. Anyone?

    My follow-up statistics show that tubal reversal has a higher pregnancy rate and a higher birth rate than IVF.But i go for this coz IVF have more success ratio maybe latter i can share my experience with you and hope that it ill a good experience(just want another cute monkey as i have one already lolz)
  4. Has anyone had a tubal ligation reversal? I had my tubes tied roughly 6 years ago and was pretty convinced that it was the right choice. Since then we have had major life changes and am now starting to regret that choice. Has anyone had this done or know anyone who has. I am trying to find out what the true rate of this would be and how successful it is. I live in Morgan City, Louisiana, Los Angeles and One clinic name as Advanced Tubal ligation Reversal Center in Morgan city offer this surgery in 5250$. Is this cost is right or not If you have some other doctor or clinic please ping me on this forum