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  1. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    My friend told that they also taking part timer for care giver and can earn pocket money from it since they provides various kinds of services. I thought of doing home cleaning during weekend also can laa.
  2. Smelly paint smell

    I used their water purifier before my dad buy their product, they promise will service the filter every 4 mths but after that, they never come to our house the filter become dirty and we cannot tahan so my dad called them come if not, I think they'll totally forget the promise already!
  3. Smelly paint smell

    From Korea, so what? Honestly, I used their thing before But I'm so disappointed w/ their product quality and service! And their products also quite expensive, not worth to buy
  4. Smelly paint smell

    i still recommend you choose Coway.. If you really need do comparisonpls dont use cuckoo because it's the worst air purifier among the other brands
  5. Smelly paint smell

    yes, go and buy a air purifier, if ur house got pet Coway air purifier have a featurescan use to clean the fur
  6. What is your favourite pasar malam food?

    I also like laksa! Fresh onion is very important in laksa haha
  7. Malaysia housing loan similar to SIBOR?

    the differences over the interests rate is sedikit shj la! why bother..? if you know how to calculate either SIBOR or BLR rate. small different only
  8. Looking for a good Uni

    ever consider to send ur daughter to oversea? it's a good choice!! besides than good recognition of uni, she can learn to b independent when staying alone there!! but all these are about the matter of money.. btw, i can suggest u a few uni, for ex, Columbia University in US and Middlesex University in UK.. both are nice!! my children studied there