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  1. Invention for parents

    Can use when it peak time so we can cut the que and no need to wait for a long line
  2. Invention for parents

    Also we u say about points, how do we collect if we not using the card?
  3. Invention for parents

    I see the app are not available at my place maybe? caus it say only on klang valley..
  4. Invention for parents

    Its good nowaday theres regulation on using baby seat. U know how Malaysian drives.
  5. Invention for parents

    Really ? Can someone give me the link to the app? Is it new?
  6. it is easier for us to look for specific item, save lots of time and no need to scroll the whole pages
  7. mobile app is more convenient as we use phone more frequently compare to use computer. how about the shipping charges??
  8. omg the selling speed is superb! so far what have you sold?
  9. so means that i can just register and start selling? maybe just sell few unused item also can?
  10. well selling in online platform is a great idea too. how easy it is? no need to pay for it?
  11. maybe you can take it to charity event, sell and donate the money
  12. is good to hear that.. online shopping can save time and save petrol.. hahahaha
  13. this tesco baby fair not only sell milk powder, also sell other baby products like toys, clothes , diapers..
  14. No wonder i saw so many mummies Q up buy milk powder.. I saw got many brands selling there like Mamil, Similac, Enfagrow, S-26, fernleaf, nestle..
  15. sometimes i will argue with my mother-in-law as she keep offering my little boy eat chocolate and fast food which leads to his irregular bowel movement. i m frustrate when i offering healthy snacks like fruits smoothies to my kid, he dun wan eat at all.. recently my kid only go pass motion once for every 4 to 5 days and i noticed that the stools is very hard, dry and he always struggle when he poo. i really no idea how to deal with my kid and my mother-in-law.