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  1. At-home-spa trend (jade roller???)

    IKR!!! I can relate,, its not easy when u hv kids because u have to really have to consider their expenses too..i don't like only relying on my hubs I try to divide for my kids abit as well
  2. At-home-spa trend (jade roller???)

    hmm haha I guess ur right,guess I gotta save up more money if I want to buy a branded one
  3. At-home-spa trend (jade roller???)

    aaaa I really wanted to buy a jade roller but I was hesitant abt it. a facial steamer sounds tempting too, saw a lot on shopee for like rm15 huhu imma wait for dat 2.2 sale
  4. App for easy refuelling?

    Saw a banner of Setel app which an app from Petronas that can provide people the easiest way to refuel. I guess parents should use this especially when bringing children together in the car. What your opinion?
  5. App for easy refuelling?

    Nahh. The points will include in the app. Can easily earn and convert points from the app only.
  6. App for easy refuelling?

    Safer to use this app nowadays, other e-wallet need to scan the code at counter. Still direct contact with other people right.
  7. App for easy refuelling?

    True. Before this only stations in big cities only applicable for the app but this time they're going to expand. I guess their list of locations growing nowadays.
  8. App for easy refuelling?

    Yup. You only go out from the car to pump the fuel only, rest of the steps should be done only using the app. That's why can monitor kids closely and easily without worrying.
  9. My kids wants to go to MAPS in ipoh but it is already close since january. Do Genting suits the kids? Is there any theme park that I can bring my kids for their holiday?

    actually the pseudomonas infection can be life-threatening in some cases

    yeah very bad as it can harm your health
  12. Beauty Product Victim

    maybe you have small numbers of friends/followers on your social media. It could be the reason that no one response on your posting.
  13. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    sometime they also will provide some class for mummy like breastfeeding class, handmade soap, yoga...
  14. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    take care baby, cook, do some your wife can rest on confinement period, won't too tired
  15. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    depends on you..because if hire confinement lady, you should hv extra room for her
  16. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    last time I also wan to hire confinement lady but the end can't get any candidate so just go for confinement center only next time I think will find confinement lady early
  17. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    y not you just go for confinement center? they will help you prepare all the stuff necessary and tell you the do and don't but stay at home sure more comfortable
  18. Europe trip in next year!

    Hey i went to the Reliance Travel Fiesta last week... was really surprised that Citibank is doing alot of promotion... especially Citi credit card holding can get 0% interest rate for buying premier tour fair plus with very low price... too bad that i am not Citibank Credit Card holder... end up... didnot manage to buy any tour .....
  19. This must be a joke because i don't seem to hav won this yet. Did this really come out on STAR that day> Anyone saw this on the newspaper?
  20. For you girls, bonus forms.

    Alright girls, i have the forms right here just incase you can't find it or need it. I have already submitted mine and hopes that i atleast win something but i might aswell give you guys the chance to win something. For those who are confined to their homes this might be something you can do in hopes you get something. So start counting your lucky stars girls.
  21. A trick for Hubby.

    I just showed this to my hubby in hopes that it gives him a reason to spend. I know its a sneaky way to get him to spend on me but its kinda an easy way to persuade him since he likes this kinda things. I praying for a Gucci beg for the next few days. If he was not this stingy i would not have to resort to being sneaky. LOL. You girls might wanna use this to extort a bit from your hubby. Hurry before this is gone and your dream bags are gone.
  22. Alright, i know whats going on in the pic. But seriously, do they really have to get locked up just to get attention? Anyone of you guys seen these trio when they actually board the DBKL truck? Come up with a funny comment on how these guys got on there and maybe i can get a laugh or two. Here is mine " Please don't send us to Tanjung Rambutan"
  23. Scammer Alert

    My friend got cheated of a lot of money. They will first sms you a message saying you have WON a contest from Petronas or something. Then after you give them a call they will ask you to bank in money to an account for them to send you the check. DO NOT GET CONNED!! Many other girls have already been suckered in like my friend who was stupid enough to actually do something like this. So to you other girls out there, DON"T fall for this kinda scam. if yu have never done anything for a certain company, then you are not able to win anything.
  24. Petrol Station Selective?

    In all my life i have seen many of these petrol station's cause me grief and saisfaction. From the extremely smelly toilets to the life saving stores where is buy my drinks. Even though expansive a bit. My most hated station would be the one in newtown infront of pizza hut. The station have cause nothing but jams for as long as i can remember. The only ones i like is the ones with no jams of course. So guys what is your most hated and favorite place?
  25. If only i was this lucky~

    These days i notice a bunch of yahoo's can easily make instant money from contest and such. Though i never believed it things seem to point towards just being at the right place at the right time. He just walks into a petronas station and wins bloody RM10k. When can i get this luckY!!!! I want to have easy life for once.