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  1. Beauty Product Victim

    agreed! The best part is any payment are directly made from buyer to seller without go through 3rd party. And there are no hidden charges.
  2. I have a autistic kid

    this is one hella helpful information. ive checked caregiverasia before. really helpful and can be trusted. never really use their service before but i heard the caregivers are really capable of doing their task.
  3. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Im one of caregiverasia frequent user as well. I totally recommend them if you are looking for a sitter or caretakers. You can also use the reviews from previous people to find the caretaker to your liking
  4. Homecare for the slow learner?

    I know someone that has to take care of a special child. She had no trainingand dont know how to handle tough situations. The kid end up to be very anxious around people because of how she treated her. She meant no harm but some things are better left to the professionals
  5. Gum bleeding!!I'm pregnant..:(

    As i know toothbrush is not the main factor that lead to gum bleeding..pregnancy woman usually will have hormonal changes..and this is the main factor that cause gum is normal for pregnant woman but does it really help after changing toothbrush?? my cousin who is currently pregnant does has this issue but it bleed for few weeks, stops and bleed again after few weeks
  6. Looking for a good Uni

    Ahh never mind too much. There's nothing wrong with her result. Its just the requirement of our local university, they dont just look at the result, they look more. You can either help her to write a letter to the Education department again. If not you can try to consider our M'sia private college. Its an option too dont be too worry!