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  1. Letting go of my daughter's art

    For sellers selling on Carousell I would suggest that you all should toggle on your notifications on your Carousell app so that you would receive all the private messages and also new offers being made without missing out on any of it, check it out in the link below.
  2. Letting go of my daughter's art

    I had started to sell on Carousell after being recommended by you all and so far I enjoyed using the platform very much, the advantage of no need to display your phone number on public appealed to me a lot as I no need to be afraid of random people calling me at weird times and asking unrelated questions.
  3. Letting go of my daughter's art

    Is Carousell getting lots of traffic daily? Im also interested in selling things...
  4. Upcoming Birthday Party

    I had come across and known few peoples doing service on party stuff. May i know how much u allocate on your budget?
  5. Smelly paint smell

    Not everyone has the good heart, what they care is sell the product... the low quality and bad service is not their concern~
  6. Smelly paint smell

    Same price level, but different quality standard. I not sure how the company still can sell their product when the quality is low but price is high?
  7. Smelly paint smell

    Hmm... In term of product quality and service quality, i can say this brand is more better when the price betweenbrands is no different. So, need completely understand when choose which one to buy.
  8. Smelly paint smell

    Hahaha... is fee~ Not Free!!! you will get fine on the cancellation fee which you have to pay all the balance, those people who face this situation normally will regret why dont choose a better product in the beginning.
  9. Smelly paint smell

    since Cuckoo is not expert on the air purifier i will not consider on it if i want buy air purifier. lack of trustworthiness on them.
  10. Hating my sensitivity

    Because words have meaning and you have feeling. Words can break people easily, and it always happened.
  11. 2YO too early for potty train???

    understand that potty training may not cause constipation but currently she have constipation...too tired and stress dealing with her constipation..that's why have not start the potty training..part of it also because heard abt horrible stories about potty training that can cause the child to become anxious and have the habit of holding on even when have the urge to go la... by the way..what is this prebiotics oligosaccharide mixture? very scientific name...where can find it? supplements for constipation? sorry for being a blur mommy..
  12. 2YO too early for potty train??? gal is almost 3 now but have not start potty train yet coz she is suffering from constipation and it's very difficult to put her to sit down on the potty. everytime she have the urge and abt to pass it out..she will start throwing her tanturms like screaming, kicking and started to stand up. i can see her poo already but she still refused to the end she pass it out on her diapers... she also don't like to eat fruits and vege but her favourite is milk!! my hubby said to dilute her milk and give more so that she drink more liquids to help her to poo it ok? what else can i do to ease her constipation?
  13. 8% woh i also will laugh till morning lol...this shell card from citibank?
  14. Mini Xtra F1 race

    hahaha nowadays everyone is giving out ipad wonder not enough stock from mac store la hehehe...was wondering why on sunday also got jammed AT petronas station..guess this is the reason la..
  15. jut send KOLONY with your nickname to the way the 500 koinz is not going to last long better start making call now!!!