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  1. I have a autistic kid

    Agreed. My cousin is autistic as well. At first it was very hard for him to cope with the hospital environment. Ended up the family gave up and went for home nursing instead. Til now
  2. I have a autistic kid

    How much would that cost per session? I've never heard about any speech therapist department before lol
  3. Trustworthy Babysitter

    Based on what i see and understand, they do prioritize in hiring new caregivers to make sure their service is topnotch so that the clients are always satisfied. I mean, here in Malaysia, these kinds of service is seldom mentioned by people as we are accustomed to go to hospital and clinic every time we are sick. So services like caregiverAsia should be more exposed to people so they know there is a second or third option
  4. Trustworthy Babysitter

    That is quite a tragedy. I feel sorry for the family that was involved. I strongly think that website like CaregiverAsia, can at least help avoid cases like that from happening again. Since we can check the caregivers details.
  5. Trustworthy Babysitter

    I think at CaregiverAsia, the caregivers are required to be filtered by the people running the company before posting their availability to give service to care seekers. That way, people no need to worry about the caregiver's personal info. Unlike Facebook, no one is being filtered. Anyone can be anything they claim to be
  6. Trustworthy Babysitter

    Okay that was before the service, how about after the service? is it any good? reliable?
  7. Trustworthy Babysitter

    Yeah that's one more plus point for this website. It lets you check the caregiver's personal details. Most of them have good educational background too.
  8. Trustworthy Babysitter

    This looks like a good platform! Where was this website when i needed to find a caregiver lol. I'm lucky to stay here in KL as lots of services are located around here. But I noticed that other places also got like in JB.
  9. Trustworthy Babysitter

    If it was me, I wouldn't mind if it's cheap or expensive as long as the service is good. No matter where I hire the babysitter. But that's the problem. Nowadays how to know if a person is reliable before hiring him or her?
  10. Trustworthy Babysitter

    Haha, i would pretty much avoid hiring people from socmed from now on. Based on the news, it was said that the babysitter was fired through FB. So no hiring from socmed for me. Sending to a babysitter's house is also very doubtful. Cuz they have to take care of many babies at once. Can't focus on just one.
  11. Trustworthy Babysitter

    I agree, we can't trade lives with anything. If it costs more to take care of one's life, don't think of another option that could jeopardise their safety. If it's cheap then check their backgrounds. If the babysitter is really okay, then go for it. If your instinct says no, then just strive to take care of the baby yourself no matter what. Or is there other options
  12. Trustworthy Babysitter

    I guess. So what's you're saying is that they don't have passion when taking care of the babies is it? They only work for the money. Yeah not their fault though. People got to live anyway. But still, you have to have knowledge and a certain level of patient when taking care of infants. Finding one with that quality is not easy these days when you don't have the connection
  13. Hey guys, I think whole Malaysia are aware of this news just a few months ago : It seems like this kind of cases are happening all year around. I mean, is it really hard to find a babysitter these days without having a bad case like this? Any thoughts?
  14. arsenal or chelsea ticket for sale??

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  15. Petrol Station Selective?

    my favourite is petronas coz can win rm 100k hehehehe...not using bhp since the incident!!!! My link