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  1. Sanitize car before using it

    Oh I think what you're meant was the setel app, we can easily choose pump, amount and pay only through the app..
  2. Sanitize car before using it

    But currently i have to work, my husband need to take care my son... but i afraid out of petrol and i need to fill up my petrol at this current situation
  3. hypnotized kids?

    yaaaaa.. now i'm doing claims just use the pdf from the app, simple, no need receipts.. because ink on the receipts will fade away, so better with these pdf ones..
  4. hypnotized kids?

    true.. can't say no more.. idk why but i will try to search for petronas everytime i need to refuel, idk why >.<
  5. hypnotized kids?

    yup, so easy but don;t forget to sanitize your hands after pump in the fuel.. better to wash it i guess if can hihi..
  6. hypnotized kids?

    if other fuel brand still require us to pay at the counter,. setel is a different thing, just do it only through the app.. which is kind of useful to people with kids and elder people.. no worries leaving them in the car..
  7. hypnotized kids?

    eh i think setel app can settle that particular problem.. can reduce time at the petrol station and also can monitor kids closely..
  8. Just a reminder for all of us. I saw a bunch of families with kids who are active, running around the car while his parent refuel the car. I guess the parents need to take care of their child unless they might encounter some unfortunate events. We also need to be cautious with our surroundings. Anything can happen.
  9. Letting go of my daughter's art

    Yes, safety concern is an important issue and buyers should always check the customer review before buying from someone just for the extra confirmation, it is our very own responsibility also.
  10. Letting go of my daughter's art

    On the other hand, for buyers, you can go and install the CarouPocket extension on chrome so that you can compare the prices immediately with other platforms and you would know the lowest price available at Carousell immediately without having to look here and there, this is the link to it.
  11. Letting go of my daughter's art

    Yup, everything can be done through their own chat system so whenever there is anything that happened during the deal, the chat history can be used as a proof to report the incident to the management of Carousell, they would sort out the case asap and come out with a reasonable solution for you.
  12. Letting go of my daughter's art

    For both purposes actually, buyer can look for items that they want and sellers can put up their items for interested parties to look at haha, here is the group for camera if you are interested.
  13. Letting go of my daughter's art

    Yes, just join any group which you are interested in such as for sneaker lovers you can join the Adidas or Nike group or for people who are interested in computer hardware there are also specific groups for that, can look at all the items that people are selling for a cheap price.
  14. Letting go of my daughter's art

    Yup, just register an account and you can start to sell immediately without any hassle, recommend you to download their mobile app also just to make it more convenient for you to manage your online sellings where you can browse everything no matter where you go.
  15. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    just see the price first, if it's very expensive u can try to negotiate the price, if not then dont do it
  16. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    i successfully negotiate 2 times the price with the seller, hehe
  17. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    yup, thtat's why i like to buythings at there..hehe
  18. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    not only can chat with the seller but u can also negotiate the price with the seller too
  19. my darling said better buy from those chinese medicine shop coz cheaper but i prefer to shop at bigger supermarket like jusco or tesco coz can do all weekly shopping there.. my girl is drinking annum step 4..both supermarket also selling almost the same price la..ard RM 70+++ but mostly go tesco more coz near to my hse... went there last sat..damn packed with ppl!!!!
  20. School Holiday Start!!!!!!

    understood your frustration..that's why i plan for more short and near trip but increase the number of time going for trip..for example last weekend we went to PD and found out that Petronas also having a carnival there..plenty things to do and some more can win prizes me this is a win win trip for me and my family!!!! u sure this is in far as i can remember PD is soooo boring