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  1. Pepole who smoking and baby

    but using phone at a petrol pump is also danger...i rather go to the counter and bring my kid
  2. Pepole who smoking and baby

    im using the app but i dont understand how it works. it's kinda hard to use though
  3. Pepole who smoking and baby

    but the app can only keep track of our fuel expenses...other expenses we still need to track them manually with the papers
  4. Pepole who smoking and baby

    can we use phone around the petrol pump? i dont think so....
  5. Pepole who smoking and baby

    some people just dont think about the consequences of their actions on others
  6. Letting go of my daughter's art

    i think its because too many ppl buy and sell in online platform, so they make feature like this to attract more customers
  7. Letting go of my daughter's art

    do we need to provide phone number for buyer? im worry about facing scammers in online platform
  8. Letting go of my daughter's art

    can you list down which type of crafts you have? easier to give suggestion based on the craft types
  9. Upcoming Birthday Party

  10. Upcoming Birthday Party

    I think U need explore more about Carousell since many user using it. Not Carousell fault lorhh..
  11. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Just claim compensation from the seller maaa..
  12. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    yes, i've emailed them and receive reply from them... The app was working fine again for few days only and it crash again after tat...
  13. Need suggestion for 2nd hand things

    i'm currently using carousell apps on my smartphone...i found that the new update of apps makes it even more i can't even chat with the seller...
  14. Smartphone

    hi all planning to give hubby a smartphone coz his old phone is soooo outdated!!! image still using nokia 65. with budget of rm 2000 (max already)..looking for something that have access to e-mail, games and online...thanks in advance!
  15. hello just need some daughter's friend is working as a part time promoter where all she do is going around to get out sticker...long working hour but she said is fun and pay good my daughter is thinking to work a part timer since is school holiday now...she is 18 now...should i allow her to work?