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  1. The difference between father and mother

    Hahahahaa, absolutely. I am that kind of mother.
  2. Are you a caring or noisy parent?

    My daughter always complainme I am noisy mum too, but i don't care at allhaha This is the way that I love herand I know sometimes she enjoy my noise too
  3. Help me :(

    Yes of course very serious if just let it be without you curing it Its depends on you to used what kind of brand , but for this case are might be really serious.
  4. Help me :(

    wht kinda of cure eh? gaga i think you should using this brand la emm i forgot give me a sec . . . Oh ya ya Canestan you can get from pharmacy, guardian and watson. Because you know i have faced this problem .
  5. Help me :(

    Woww i bet you felt very suffering rite? i can felt you babe, bcs i have too. But luckily only yeastinfection maaa. And my sis suggest me some medicine for my curesforyeastinfections. Hmm
  6. Please help my little girl~~

    Its actually normal that kids will have constipation problem lah. Well, i think that every 5 kids, 1 will kena. Drink more water, eat more vege and fruits will do la. High fiber food also will help such as banana,papaya..prune juice or even spinach is good . But recently i heard from my SIL that she bought this Mamil milk powder is great to settle kids poo poo problem. She already been using it for 6 months, her kid all have no problem at all. My self tried this started 3 months ago and also no problem. Quite good this milk powder. Will continue to try for fer more months.
  7. Lets get on Zero Fair

    eerrr pray hard maybe hehe....sorry to say you get what you pay also stressed out last time with the zero fair..but still keep trying coz their ticket indeed cheap!!!
  8. hahaha kena spot check already..during office hour should be working and not checking stuff hehe....i saw this logo too at pj up town...think some event la
  9. hello mothers just wan to know whether anyone you have been affected with the new ruling regarding the credit card??? currently have 3 cards for different usage..rhb tesco, citibank cash back and uob...which one should i cut??!!!!!! cutting means less credit do you manage your expenses?
  10. today is the last chance for you to win the hard cold cash from petronas...give it a try and you might be the lucky winner!!! good luck!
  11. Weird way to get attention

    wahahaha..alamak surfer's dude kena to win the RM 100k la like this.....