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  1. Eco friendly home set-up

    Hi all, im replacing my home with new sets electric equipments. Im looking for new refrigerator, electric stove, washing machine and tv sets. I need some recommendation of eco friendly brands and safe to use for family.
  2. Hair loss

    I'm sure this this is the product. Saw on the website got free mug on certain products too.
  3. Hair loss

    the brand i think not suitable to disclose...haha...i also do not want to talk bad de... btw any recommendation?
  4. Hair loss

    yes i have, but i feel mycurrent hair dryer not that good because it gets hot very fast, need to stop after use for 10 minutes
  5. Hair loss

    yes she might want to have a try on this kind of products. But i suggest it would be the best if the product is natural based like olive oil.
  6. Hair loss

    Some women may experience hair thinning and shedding due to stress or shock and it affects a small number of women during pregnancy. The first trimester may stress the body as the balance of hormones shifts dramatically to support the growing baby.
  7. but how to use it? still need to go out and pump in the fuel right? even i'm not feeling good eventhough they're going for shopping these days, hmm
  8. I have a autistic kid

    oh i see.. u are rite. not all the autistic child can attend to speech therapy easily. Some of them will act more aggressive during the therapy.
  9. I have a autistic kid

    Why not u send your son to hospital? I meant to speech terapist department? Why not u send your son to hospital? I meant to speech terapist department?
  10. Homecare for the slow learner?

    I know right.. At first i did not really expect such service before. It was kinda skeptical at first since their price rate quiet affordable. But couple days after i notice that my son really comfortable with her. Then i really can see how professional she was
  11. Homecare for the slow learner?

    This. I have experience using caregiver service before. The caregiver really knows how to take care of children and she really good communicate with them. Can see improvement on how my son talks to people
  12. Trustworthy Babysitter

    yea so many child abusedcases babysitter from facebook already. not saying all of them not legit la. some are legit but how can you know which one can be trust. dont be too late to regret.
  13. Trustworthy Babysitter

    check on the link yourself. my sister in law said she did a survey before on this kind of service but the price rate of others website a quite high. plus she said this one quite easy to book as well.
  14. Trustworthy Babysitter

    yes she hire babysitter from caregiverasia before. my newphew also seems no problem taken care by her. i think have, just check the website got chinese aunty experience more than 10 years somemore oh.
  15. Trustworthy Babysitter

    good call. better not hire from fb la. not trustworthy.. but can try find here. sister in law said very reliable