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  1. Sanitize car before using it

    yea it can beavoid but for someone who really really ill and need going to meet doctor still needto step out from home. i dont think it as a problem if youre know how to take of yourself by taking all the precaution seriously. after meet the doctor return home directly.
  2. Sanitize car before using it

    practice the precaution that kkm guide us. mask and hand sanitizer is a must if youre going outside. if youre que up at counter, make sure distance yourself.
  3. Sanitize car before using it

    should find another initiative instead of going out by your own. maybe by using apps such grabfood or foodpanda for ordering food.
  4. Sanitize car before using it

    For now better, just stay at home as RMO had been undergo... But if u need to see doctor left your kid at home and make sure before youre return, clean yourself and take bath first... If u need to sanitize, you may..
  5. do u feel the different after using it???

    err on the mileage think they are quite good coz been using it for 1 week already and still got quarter of a tank left.....performance dunno yet coz never got the chance to go fast in kl anyway hehehe...but can anyone share with me how the fuel can clean the it few times but still unsure hehe...
  6. Happy hour at petronas

    haha..just want to share this with you...bought a mesra combo pack at petronas and was told by the cashier it is happy hour time now so i am entitle for a lucky draw!!! really makes my daughter day coz manage to get balloons from the lucky draw...nice to know that petronas is treating their customer well...have you ever encounter such thing before?