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  1. Beauty Product Victim

    Sokayyyyy, you can use it now since you know it already. Furthermore carousell have high number in traffic users so higher possibilities for people to see your selling items. Goodluck! hihi
  2. Beauty Product Victim

    Horrr just have to click ‘make offer’ options and key in your price but make sure it is reasonable la... Hahaha
  3. Beauty Product Victim

    for sure you can get cheaper price. Its because u can negotiate with the seller so u just pay directly the price which have been agreed by both seller and buyer.
  4. Housewife that keen on studying business course, possible ?

    if there is a will there's a way IMPOSSIBLE actually say I M POSSIBLE... if $$$ is not an issue then can check out Taylor or Sunway lo...
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7??

    if u have time next week make a trip to low yat la coz they are having i love tablet fair lol...from 26 mar to 1 april lol..but be prepare to stuck in jam lol ...coz for sure got lots of ppl one....
  6. Reduce Public Holiday??

    Holiday or’s beyond my control as it’s always up to thecompany to decide ..but there is one thing for sure…if wanna get extra $$$ or a brandnew car…you have to try this..type CAR and send to 22222…good luck! if you knowwhat I mean!
  7. Superb launching from petronas

    you got to watch this video....will definitely cheer u up!!!
  8. budget planner

    well for me i always apply for the discount card like bonuslink, jusco card, mesra card from petronas coz they always give extra points etc recently petronas award their member give having weekly activites for the member to win lol... agreed..with new additional comer in the family, i really have to plan ahead of my spending!!!! me kiasu or kedekut but i am the proud owner of mesra card and citibank cash back card!!! i used the cards to redeem products from kedai mesra and citibank to pay my bills coz i can get back rm 60 hehe..u check the it yourself la....
  9. Free facial voucher

    hellooo ladies my friend pass me a facial voucher from serene aesthetics...never been to their salon before..normally to clarins but now the expenses is getting higher need to cut some facial budget without compromising my skin...just like want ice tea without the ice hehehe... should i give it a try? you can check the FB here...
  10. Hello All Just want to share this video to you matter what we will always love our baby!! खुश दीपावली