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  1. Upcoming Birthday Party

    When is ur birthday party? And where are u planning to do the party?
  2. I have a autistic kid

    This site look legit. I hope they do provides people that specialist in handling special child. But the way i look at it they really do have so many services.
  3. I have a autistic kid

    Its really hard for them to accept people that they dont know in their life. However if that person know how to handle autistic child then they might cope easily with them.
  4. I have a autistic kid

    Yeap. Autistic child are very sensitive with environments. If they dont like it its hard to make them cope with it.. If it possible try to do any therapy at home where they feel comfortable.
  5. I have a autistic kid

    Im not sure autistic child would be cooperative going to hospital. If they dont want to better not force them to see therapist or it will cause stress on them and triggered them to a serious epilepsy
  6. Homecare for the slow learner?

    You have a point there. So do you have any contacts for professional caretakers?Just from the sound of professional seems like they are expensive and hard to findhaha
  7. Homecare for the slow learner?

    Why normal sitter isnt suitable for special kids? Maybe if they have some patience it should be fine?