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  1. Yup. At first they will provide safety guideline to remind us on how to use the app. But make sure use the app only in the car before and after refuelling.
  2. True! Last time before MCO started, at petrol station already provide hand sanitizers for people to use after pump in the fuel. I guess that is a one good precaution, added with this app, cool enough.
  3. Saw in a forum, about this Setel app that ease people especially parents to refuel although bring kids in the car. But i guess all mothers can introduce this app to our partner. Yaaaa, now only family leader, a.k.a our hubby only can go out to shop and also refuel if need so. Only this way can avoid them to in-contact with other people right? Who's with me?
  4. hypnotized kids?

    I heard about ROVR from petronas too, a movable fuel truck. Looking forward for it after this setel app huhu/
  5. hypnotized kids?

    A good invention from petronas. Even their oil also good to use, different feeling of driving compare to other oil.
  6. hypnotized kids?

    Yup they should learn from news nowadays. Children needs attention from their parent or older people. We need to give them and teach them to be a good one.
  7. hypnotized kids?

    I guess the time consuming issue at petrol station that leads to cases related with kids. People nowadays can think a good way of avoiding things like that from happening.
  8. I have a autistic kid

    Hi all.. i just wanna share about my experienced using the service by caregiverAsia. My sister was sick and asked me to taking care her baby for awhile. unfortunately, i have no time yet no experience at all in handling baby. And my officemate suggested to me to hire an experienced person from caregiverAsia. So far, i really satisfied with the service. The price also affordable
  9. Help me :(

    I dont mind, i need cure for my infection yeast hmm. Bcs once its working i would buy this brand again and again if let say infection yeast happen again. Okay thank you babe .
  10. Help me :(

    Is it okay for my yeastsymptoms?? okay i will try. But i hope this time really this is the best medicine. Emm is it a cream ?
  11. Help me :(

    Hyep ! Including last 2 week i felt itchy at my "tett" hmm i was thinking i having fungal infection. Do you have idea for medicine for yeast infection??
  12. 2012 Smartphone!!!

    lol. you mother d still so high tech anyway, at least you should tell your budget? im using HTC, screen is big enough for me but most importantly is actually the broadband or data service . i can tell you that without it, it's definitely a disaster...! ngek ngek ngek totally trying out the celcom lite first to see the line..only rm 48 for 1.5GB data..if ok will uograde later
  13. arsenal or chelsea ticket for sale??

    haiyo only now u more free tickets la coz the contest ended on last sunday still hoping to win some hehe....either you can cancel ur days off or buy with $$$$ or sunscribe to celcom for the live updates and alerts on the match lol hehe... chelsea chelsea!!!
  14. June School Holiday - Family Holiday

    AA also have this kind of promo but very hard to buy it..either sold out or the site never bother lol...
  15. Allow Teenager to work during school holiday?

    think it is ok for them to least they can earn they own money and spend on things they daughter also work part time promoter and then when she get the money..she spend it at sunway lagoon with her friends..sigh least she is not asking from me lol...