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  1. What is your favourite pasar malam food?

    Laksa!! I like the laksa at Setia Alam. The onion and laksa leaves are so fresh!
  2. Smartphone

    beside than the phone also need to chose the right telco lol...think in the market the top 3 will be celcom, maxis and digi..wonder what happen to P1 wimax hehe...which of these telco have the best package coz me also wan to get the iphone 4..the white one hahaha
  3. School Holiday Start!!!!!!

    Helloo Mommy & Daddy The 6 weeks long holiday is here....cannot image having my kids to stay at home and do nothing so now planning for a driving trip within Malaysia for about 2 weeks. Now working on te budget on accomodation, food, petrol etc....any advise or tips to share?
  4. budget planner

    well for me i always apply for the discount card like bonuslink, jusco card, mesra card from petronas coz they always give extra points etc recently petronas award their member give having weekly activites for the member to win lol...