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  1. Are fabric masks any good?

    you are right, i will try to check the standards before buying next time
  2. Are fabric masks any good?

    i never buy mask from pharmacy, i buy from online and agentsbut for now i am still fine no issues for me
  3. Are fabric masks any good?

    i prefer buying from online sites such as lazada or shopee cause i dont need to go out and its cheaper
  4. Are fabric masks any good?

    how about the price? usually fabric mask is quite pricey
  5. Are fabric masks any good?

    can soap effectively remove virus ? i trust disposable mask better than fabric mask
  6. Are fabric masks any good?

    kinda pricey to always buy the filter, maybe i prefer the normal surgical mask that i used to wear
  7. Are fabric masks any good?

    so basically we can wash the mask and reuse it?
  8. that seems helpful.. but may i ask.. do this one need to go reload at the counter or just can use online banking.. the payment just made only in the app if so?
  9. Pepole who smoking and baby

    thtat's right.. with setel app we can keep track our expenses and can check always Mesra point. yeahh.. no need to keep paper receipts.
  10. Pepole who smoking and baby

    I think smoking infront of other people should be illegal because all of us now know the consequences.
  11. Car Suspension

    i can confirm this. used the new petrol too and i think it is amazing. my car was quite sluggish before now i can feel the smoothness while driving which i think might help if you are driving with newborn.
  12. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Miss.. Up to you la cause apps’ satisfaction are subjective depends on the individual. I’m just sharing my selling experience through carousell which i found much easier.
  13. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Yes dear! Don't forget to turn on notification if u using the mobile apps, it will notify the user if any news & promotion is happening regarding carousell.
  14. Upcoming Birthday Party

    if I’m not mistaken, there would be zero charges to people signup to sell their items.
  15. Upcoming Birthday Party

    Hye dear.. u can just signup an account complete with your details. Then u put up the things u want to sell or the service u provide through the carousell’s account. But remember to categorised it carefully so that others can look up to your ads.