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  1. hypnotized kids?

    really?? hmm i kinda fed up if i cant cope with something.. but at least i can give it another try..
  2. hypnotized kids?

    Already use but still cant catchup with it. So difficult to use. Better just pay at the counter then.
  3. Letting go of my daughter's art

    what types of group it is? is that a group for buyer who are looking for specific item? what if i wan to find a second hand camera?
  4. Letting go of my daughter's art

    u know sometimes just lazy to list out the description one by one, take quite long time to list ur things in online platform
  5. Letting go of my daughter's art

    nice idea. nowadays many charity event have crafts bidding and then donate
  6. Letting go of my daughter's art

    i think you can try to ask in social media like FB, maybe some of your friends will be interested in the arts
  7. Beauty Product Victim

    but erghhh.. Selling online have lots of scammers mehhh
  8. Beauty Product Victim

    B4, i’ve read on twitter people want to sell their skincare. But seems like not really efficient cause twitter users are mostly teenagers. haha
  9. Smelly paint smell

    Yes... so please consider first before you suscribeCuckoo as ur water dispenser... If you can tahanthis, then go for it~
  10. Smelly paint smell

    I don't think so... I think they did this intentionally... If they told me upfront, I will reconsider first...
  11. Smelly paint smell

    My hometown only have Cuckoo booth there... the agent didnt mentioned about the cancellation fee wor... Too sad
  12. Smelly paint smell

    Should know this earlier b4 I installed Cuckoo... Coway come every 2 months but Cuckoo only come every 4 months... Let say in 3 years time, Cuckoo only come service 9 times but Coway 18 times!!!
  13. Smelly paint smell

    Ya... luckily u didn't buy Cuckoo... Unfortunately I am the unlucky one... wan cancel but Cuckoo inform me 100% cancellation!! fee...
  14. i respect your decision.. somehow I know... it is important to get ourself equip with knowledge.... anyway you have to plan your time wisely especially if you have a kid...
  15. Who wanna see Lee Hom this March 2013?

    wah... i am seeing him also if my lucky good enuff...but for the SMS way I think it is better to goto http://bit.ly/YhVOag to see yourself Then if u win, you will get 2 ticket to watch Lee horn live in Malaysia that worth RM393 each lehjh