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  1. Anyone doing IVF?

    Wish2 thanks for the info, I guess it is normal for good doctors to have long queue. I hope you will have a smooth sailing pregnancy ahead of you. I did enjoy mine although I was very very cautious during the 1st trimester. Anyone here from other states travelling to Metro Klang at Selangor? Which hotel would you recommend that is the most convenient (easy to get taxi, near shopping mall) & affordable? Also anyone here knows how much is the single occupancy ward at Metro Klang? Thinking of admit ward after ET instead of staying in hotel.
  2. Anyone doing IVF?

    wish2, Wow. I have been a member here for many years, this is the first time someone got pregnant naturally when they are in the midst of injection. Congrats. Many first time happening here lately, someone (forgot her ID) is carrying identical twins after her embryo divided into 2. We all know identical twins are common in IVF, well, identical? Really rare. Wish2, which doc are you seeing?
  3. Anyone doing IVF?

    Just wondering does Dr Tee has a long waiting too? I know there are many Dr Tee patients here, how long do you have to wait for you turn, on the average?
  4. Anyone doing IVF?

    JospehineF, You have any idea how much does it cost? I had seen Dr Wong Pak Seng many years ago, find that the wait is very long. But he was very thorough.
  5. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi, Anyone has done IVF using sperm donor at Metro IVF Klang? We had IVF elsewhere many years ago, 1st IVF chemical pregnancy, 2nd FET BFP, he is now a toddler. No more frozen embryo. Dr said my husband not suitable for further TESE. So our only option is sperm donor. Thinking of doing it at Metro as my previous clinic are very expensive.
  6. Lets be real, baby conceived out of wedlock is a social problem and the number of baby dumping is on the rise. Not to mention the cases of babies or young children abused by their caretakers or parents, mainly due to poverty. Many teenagers/single parent/underpriviledge families are looking for adoptive parents for their babies.. For childless couple who are genuinely looking for babies to adopt, I see this as a forum they may find what they always dreaming of, provided every party MUST abide by the laws & regulations for adoption. I personally don’t agree with the propose to ban all together.
  7. Anyone doing IVF?

    Mrs Khan. Push the cyclogest deep into vagina and lie down for an hour or so. Make sure urine & bowel movement is done already. If u have to move around, you can insert it from behind, into anus. I did that when I started working. It is more secure in the anus but more effective in vagina.
  8. Anyone doing IVF?

    Congratulations to all pregnant mothers here. Just want to know how many of you have frozen embryo? What do you plan to do with them if your family is complete? I would like to highlight that frozen embryo are potential human being. If you are pro life, then you should be familiar with the fact that life begins at conception – when sperm fertilized egg. So plan wisely if you have frozen embryos. Avoid discarding them like an object. What you can do is donate them to couples who for whatever reason, decide to adopt embryos. I notice that very few IVF center provide this service. They really should start embryo donation and embryo adoption program because more & more embryos are being frozen. Freezing them indefinitely is not the long term solution. Please request your IVF center to look into this. You are giving your unused embryos a future.
  9. Looking For Adoptive Parents

    teatree, I emailed you & PM you as well.
  10. New Mom.. help..

    Hi, I think you can introduce probiotics to your baby earlier than 5M. My case just so happened we only knew about it when our bb already 5MO. If only we knew earlier, we wouldn't hesitate to use it at 3M. Anyway, please ask your child peadiatrician, if its ok to go ahead, then no need to wait tll 5M.
  11. New Mom.. help..

    sorry the link is here :
  12. New Mom.. help..

    I'm so sorry for the colic situation your baby is going through. My son was not a colicky baby but he had reflux problem since he was less than a month old. He vommited or spitted out milk even long after we fed him. Otherwise, he was a happy baby. Although yours & mine seem to be different issue, I believe it is the same root - babies immature digestive system. Upon a friend advise, we started giving our baby Biolife probiotics drops when he was 5MO. It is about RM100, 5 drops a day, one bottle can last you about a month. My son seem to get better by the time he was 8-9MO. At 11MO, we can say that he outgrow reflux. Now at 14MO, we still give him probiotics but we switch to either Restore probiotis (From UK) or Biolife pre & probiotics powder for toddler. Here is something for you to read about colic & probiotics : Another method you can try is use anti colic feeding bottle. Many bottles claim they have wind expell feature but I find MAM anti colic the best because the valve is at the bottom. U can actually hear the wind expel as the baby sucking away. This is my personal opinion and I have not try every bottle in the market. Hope this helps. BTW, this forum is not running very effectively. Full of spam and junk and some threads are out of control. You can get more help at certain Facebook groups. Try The Breastfeeding Advocates Group, its a Malaysia based, with lots of local mothers. Although their aim at fully BF, members stlll willing to answer questions pertaining to parenting. Just lookup for them in FB and request to be a member. Another group is Mummies Malaysia, ask to join first.
  13. Its a shelter for young pregnant mothers like you, read it up ya. I have a friend who is on waiting list to adopt a baby from Seri Murni. Its up to you whether you want to stay there, do you have a home to stay throughout the pregnancy? Your family members aware of the situation? Anyone of them can send you to clinic for monthly pre-natal chekcup?
  14. Dear Lana, Are you in KK, Sabah? I am guessing so because your partner is Kadazan-Dusun. What I can tell you is that there are many childless couple desperately want to adopt babies. But before we go into that, you & the unborn child also desperately need to be taken care of. This is a crisis center for young pregnant woman at KK Sabah. Can you contact them? Don't ever abort the child. He/she is created by God & many couple want to adopt. You are Eurasian of what race ya?
  15. mommynadia, Can you repost the link? It would be nice to know what you cook up for your LO......... I clicked and it comes back here. Thanks.