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  1. TCM, Accupunture, Massage

    Hi Sue Cheng: Thanks for your reply. I've also come across this site. Have you tried it or have heard anyone trying in Malaysia?? Cheers
  2. TCM, Accupunture, Massage

  3. TCM, Accupunture, Massage

    Hi all: I was really glad to come across this forum in Malaysia! Just like many of you, I've been TTC for almost 7 years now! I suffer from PCOS (mild) and endometriosis (stage 1). It was very devastating to find out about my condition but I still have to accept it. I've been through many treatments including IVF. All these western treatments I find are pretty invasive to my body. I find that it really messes up my body system. Hence, i turned to taking traditionally chinese medication 2 years back. Unfortunately still no sucess. 4 months back i started accupunture and yoga. Hence, I'd like to ask if anyone is also currently trying these traditional treatments? Any good ones to recommend? Any chinese sengseh that you know of, heard of is good at treating infertility? Anyone tried any therapeutic massage, someone who specialises in fertility treatment as well??? Pls share.... Thank you in advance