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  1. Didnt Paying attention

    How old is your baby now?
  2. why not check out 'you n me' as what suggest by the previous poster?
  3. Didnt Paying attention

    ADHD, Autism and all kind of label, don't worry much about that. Beside the school, you also need to spend ample time with your son for him to improve further. Bottom lines don't give up. Give him the LTC (Love, tender and Care). He will be alright.
  4. How about make the food look attractive and interesting?
  5. Didnt Paying attention

    Thanks for the info Chantal.
  6. Didnt Paying attention

    I am located in Klang. Where are you located? I have a Craft Studio located in Subang 2. You can view it here http://www.crafty-cr...crafted-studio/
  7. Hi Jazmeen, 1. Have you enroll your son? 2. How old is your son? 3. Which location you prefer to send him? 4. Are you going to send him or would like to arrange for transport? /Arulthas.
  8. Music Class for Preschoolers

    I send my Son (32 month) to in Mutiara Damansara. There have various classes for different age group inclusive music instruments. Most of this school have trial so you can bring your kid there to check yourself if he like it then you can enroll them.
  9. Check this:
  10. Didnt Paying attention

    We have enroll him to music class at the moment and he is showing improvement. Me and my wife was thinking of putting him to more classes e.g. Art, speech and etc. Is there any such classes that you aware off, please recommend. thank you.
  11. Speech Therapist

    Hi Jan, Have you enroll your son with any speech therapy? I have a son 2 year and 6 month having speech delay and I am also looking for speech therapy around klang valley. Thank you. /Arulthas
  12. Didnt Paying attention

    Recomendation needed for speech & language pathologist within klang valley. Preferable location: 1. Klang 2. Shah Alam 3. PJ 4. Damansara Thank you in advance.
  13. Didnt Paying attention

    He does response if he is not occupied so I think he is normal and appreciate for the pointers. He doesn’t seem to understand everything that I speak but he does for few and I think it is pretty normal. Yesterday we brought him to the pediatric and the doctor given valuable consultation which we are putting in place. In 2 weeks time we know the results and we need to meet with the pediatric again for feedback and consultation.
  14. Didnt Paying attention

    Hi Formers, Wonder if there is any tips or advice for the below? Thank you.
  15. I have a son who going to turn 2 years old next month. I am not sure if this is normal whereby, he is not paying attention especially when we communicate with him. He is also the type of person that don’t like to sit still and always like to be on the move. He is also haven’t start talking and when bring for checkup we did consult this with the doctor and according to the doctor for kinds that are hyperactive they will take time to talk. Perhaps its could be our parenting style so any guides is very much appreciated.