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  1. budget planner

    yes, u nid to hv the mentality as well. but penning ur expenses mean u know exactly where u can save! eg. at the end of a week, u review back on ur daily expenses, n realises u spent more on meals, thus, u can make ur own lunch box or skip supper totally - to cut costs.
  2. Hello!!

    halow Clarissa, wow! u can b a breastfeeding guru!! both boys push me away n self-weaned aft 6mths
  3. hi zarina, 1st of all, u hv to bear in mind, every kid is different, no matter mentally or physically. so cannot compare ur kids wif each other. try givin ur son more plain water. n i guess he has started semi-solids? u can giv him non-sweetened barley drink (brew urself) i nvr suggest sweet drinks for kids below 12mths
  4. Newly married ~ now TTC

    halow jess, i m new here too! here's some to bring u good news!
  5. Hi there everyone

    halow Steffi, i m new here too!
  6. Morning Sickness

    a sure-win way to ease the MS, is to hv small amount in every meal, thus u can hv more light snacks when u r hungry.
  7. Hi frm jansey

  8. budget planner

    this is really useful to sketch out a budget planner.. using a notebook / diary / computer MS Excel / etc. so as u jote down your daily spendings, u can pin-point out clearly n directly where can u save n less spend time on. (e.g. less movie outtings, less big expensive meals to McD, etc.)
  9. Hi frm jansey

    hi fellow forumees~ i m new here . this looks like a nice n cozy place to hang arnd.
  10. Mummy List

    my #1 boy - lee yue heng, DOB 24 aug 2004 my #2 boy - lee yue chen, DOB 26 sep 2006 TIA