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  1. Shopping list !!!

    Of course I did. Haha. I just bought 5packs of diapers and 5tins of milk powder for my baby. At least I doesn't need rush for buying on weekend promotion and lost my family day lol
  2. Shopping list !!!

    Agree with you ! Really can't remember much what things to buy especially when bring children out. So now I just online shopping at Tesco website. Easy and fair price.
  3. come relax, enjoy this mv!

    That day the ticket sell so fast at Farenheit88 there. Within an hour the RM588 VIP ticket sold out already. Aiyo! For sure he will also la. If you want free ticket, then download 2 G-Dragon Call Me Tones and you could win 2 tickets worth RM 488 each..here's the promo details http://www.xpax.com.my/promo_gdragon.php
  4. New samsung galaxy S4 or S3?

    Actually all is depends on how you use. If your home/office got wifi then you can choose the chpeaer package. By doing this you can save money also. But if you are heavy user then better find package that is worth one. So far I only see Celcom give the better rate. Up front only RM700. I think is the lowest compare to all telco. http://www.celcom.com.my/devices/smartphones/android/samsung-galaxy-s4.php