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  1. Hating my sensitivity

    Sometimes the people don’t know they are hurting you. They care about you by using the wrong method.
  2. Is that true that can waive?

    ya,,because I wanted to know whether all bank is consistent or not ? If is true I wanted to get Citi to waive for me.. Well..if can waive y not ? I know is not big deal but RM50 can buy thing also ok. I wanted to get this card is because able to collect 5 times reward points while shopping at Zara, Mango, Tang, Topshop etc
  3. you know some bank can allowed us to waive the RM50 government tax friend just informed that true? I wonder why my banker didnt tell me about this when I just rcently applied...strange! I am using Citibank Platinum Reward Card..this bank also do the same?
  4. icic...not bad idea
  5. Really headache what to plan for my 2 kids for this coming school holiday....not really want to send them to my parent's home because my mom is not feeling well...I am unable to take leave because of my work schedule...any suggestion??