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  1. How early?

    oh dear.... don't be so sad. i'm sure when there's a will, there's a way. You must be the same cay0714 in MB? hehe, i've posted that I know somebody who used to work for Dr Colin Lee as an embryologist and she highly recommends her ex-employer. website for the fertility centre is http://www.damansarafertility.com/lab/ivf_lab.html She also mentioned that SJMC and Glen Eagles are not bad too. There's another doctor whom she recommended, Dr mak foo sing. But she does not remember which hospital he's stationed at. IVF services can be costly, but to alot of ppl, it's worth it. I hope this helps.
  2. My Labour Strory

    hmmm somehow i find that little girl at the top right corner of the forum looks like your ger ger le
  3. How early?

    How early did you find out that you are pregnant? when did all the usual signs and symptoms, eg cramps, morning sickness, start to set in? I read that the earliest to find out is about 5 days before your premenstrual due date. but some mothers just got that gut feeling once conceived. and as for the symptoms, some only start to have signs in the 3rd month, but some wayyyy before that, as early as 5th week. Do share your experiences
  4. My Labour Strory

    just look at her... awwwwwww soooooo cute!!!! hehe, i especially like the first one.
  5. What you cannot do during confinement?

    makeupjunk, baby get drunk? how?
  6. FTWM Club

    i'm not yet one. but have always wondered.... In SG, most families need the support of 2 full time working parents. I can see the trend at my workplace, and also among people i know... this is what i see them do. 1. choose a more baby friendly career. No travelling, lesser overtime needed. 2. cut down on lunch time and leave on the dot, bringing some work home with them. they'll catch up with their work when baby goes to sleep. 3. When the baby is older, send to pre-kinder playschool (day care centres) which are relatively close to their workplace. part education, part play, and food, sleep, bath are taken care of. My cousin mentioned KL has this too, but can be quite costly. 4. Part-time maid to help out if cannot afford full-time maid. 5. alot of mommies at my old workplace BF, and one of the senior managers bought a mini fridge to store her milk at the workplace, and i think the rest of the managers compensate her a bit and also tumpang in put there. They told me they don't go shopping after work, coz priority was to get the fresh milk back as the cooler bag don't last very long my direct boss is a working mother of 3 and i happened to work under her during one of her pregnancies and birth... so she always told me, the most important thing is time management. Otherwise, we will miss out on our kid's growth.
  7. Baby Boy or Baby Girl???

    Personal preference, girl first. i want my girl to learn to take care of her siblings later too haha, but yeah, what is most important is that BB is healthy, be it a boy or a girl.
  8. Choice of a baby BOY or GIRL

    I've heard about the part on the acidic food for guys if you want a boy. ex-colleagues were comparing how much they ate seafood (guys) and ended up with boys All these advices were directed to a papa of 3 gals who is allergic to seafood. the other guys even asked him to take anti-histamine then eat lots of shell food.

    Wow, looks good (*slurp*)
  10. Hello! Aussiemom on the block!

    Hi Aussiemom You happen to be in Perth?
  11. Welcome

    Warm welcome to Jayne, mowmow, Theresa! And nice to see you here mummy_xeen (bettle_bum)!!
  12. My nephew laughing

    Awwww so cute
  13. Baby Boy or Baby Girl???

    how about tests for twins??
  14. Mummy List

    Hi all, let's create a list for babies born in the year 2005 or before. This list is open to daddies too. If you would like to add yourself to the list or update any details at all, just reply to this thread or PM me and i'll update my post here to reflect that change. That way it'll be easier for viewing and maintenance too. How bout that? Also, for introductions, please visit this thread: http://www.malaysianmotherhood.com/forum/I...rselves-f2.html
  15. Mummy/Mom-to-be List

    Hi all, shall we start a list here? Specially for those who have just entered into or will soon be entering into motherhood (or fatherhood) in 2007. If you would like to add yourself to the list or update any details at all, just reply to this thread or PM me and i\\\'ll update my post here to reflect that change. That way it\\\\\\\'ll be easier for viewing and maintenance too. How bout that? Please note there\\\'s a special Introduction thread if you would like to introduce yourselves, at http://www.malaysianmotherhood.com/forum/I...rselves-f2.html Also I\\\'ve copied some details of existing members here from the MB forum. Hope you guys don\\\'t mind January June - 16 Jan 2007 (Pantai Medical Centre Cheras - Dr Chow, boy, 3.70 kg, natural birth) mel - 19 Jan 2007 (Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar - Dr Jeremy Chuah, girl, 3.47 kgs natural) Mummy_xeen(beetle_bum) – 30 Jan 2007 (SJMC – Dr. Tang Boon Nee, girl. 3.37, natural with epi) March renelle95- 27/03/2007 (gleneagles - Dr Jean Woo, girl, natural birth) August peipei - 15/08/2007 (Sunway Medical Centre, Malaysia - Dr. Wong Chin Yuan) September Jayne - 20/09/2007 (Mount Alvernia Hospital, Singapore - Dr Toh) December makeupjunk - 06/12/2007 (Pantai Hospital Bangsar, Malaysia - Dr Kim) xin_yue - 07/12/2007 (Sunway Medical, Malaysia - Dr Jason Lim)