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  1. Pneumococcal Vaccination

    There is, it can prevent your child from being infected with preumococcal virus, the same goes with others vaccination such as rotavirus. However, it is still considered to be optional vaccination in government hospital.
  2. Calling all breastfeeding moms out there !!

    Hi Mummy GreenGreen, I failed with my eldest too. Only 2 months of breastfeeding and I give up. Lack of knowledge and support is my problem. Currently I am still breastfeeding my 2nd one, 1 year 2month old. I am targeting to complete it for 2 years too. I think we can really see the difference between both child, the one that we breastfeed more will tend to be more closer to us and seem to 'love' us more.
  3. Hwuiyean, I think you are ready to try again. Usually doctor will advise to wait until 3 period cycle after a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage twice during my 1st and 3rd pregnancy. Just think positive and try again.
  4. Breast feeding during Confinement

    hi there, you must make sure that you are drinking at least 3L of water/day. This can help you milk supply.
  5. Mom from Shah Alam

    Hi there mommies! I am a mother of two from Shah Alam. Currently trying to be a WAHM by selling vitamins Wish me luck! If this fail, I will try to explore other business instead. The reason I am joining malaysianmotherhood is to get to know other mothers and exchanging our view on almost everything! From trying to conceive, pregnancy, breastfeeding,..etc. I am excited to share my experience and hope it will be useful for others. Being a mother is very challenging, to ensure we stay sane, we need a good support group and I believe a group like this can help.