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  1. Kunang Kunang Restaurant: Buffet Ramadhan 2008 Promo Kunang-Kunang Restaurant once again launch its special buffet promotion throughout the month of Ramadhan 1429. Our menu is specially created for family members getting together during the break of fast and features a variety of appetisers more than 5 courses with a lot of dessert. The highlight of the promotion would be local starter & salad counter, soup & noodle, malay main course,chinese main course, indian main course, western & fusion food that made from a selected freshly quality ingredient accompanied by more than 10 specially created traditional kuih - muih. Lot of dishes are prepared with more than 5 main courses LOCAL STARTER & SALAD COUNTER Kurma Mix Salad with dressing Tauhu Goreng Ulam with sambal Kerabu Mangga Kerabu Kacang botol Urap SOUP & NOODLE STATION Sup Tulang Rusuk Soto MALAY MAIN COURSE Asam pedas jenahak/Pari/Terubok/Duri/Gulai Tempoyak Daging Salai Negeri Sembilan Ayam Percik Petola Tumis Air Goreng Berlada Keli/Talapia CHINESE MAIN COURSE Sweet Sour Tauhu Udang Kering Sengkuang Goreng Fried Lala INDIAN MAIN COURSE Sotong Berempah Kari Kambing Kobis Goreng WESTERN MAIN COURSE Beef Lasagna Grill Vegetables Branzino Pomodoro (Seabass with Tomato) Grill Station Kambing Golek Satay Dessert Station Cendol ABC Ice Cream Counter Talam Seri Muka Talam Keladi Mix Fruits Bubur Station BEVERAGES Cordial Orange Tea Coffe Our buffet package from RM 47.00++/adult and RM 25.00++/child 6-12 years old, Kunang-Kunang Restaurant special buffet promotion starts from 7pm to 12.00 am daily. For reservation please contact: Office: 03-4105 2015 Fax : 03-4107 7015 Fariz : 012-229 5830 Syed : 012-971 0832 "A time for abstinence, tolerance and piety, the holy month of Ramadan encourages Muslims all around the world to achieve purity in mind, body and spirit. After a full fast from dawn to dusk, what better way to forget the rigours and temptations of the day than the sweet taste of dates and a humble feast courtesy of Kunang-Kunang Restaurant." Happy Fasting in this Holy month of Ramadan Al-Mubarak 1429 Hijrah. Kunang-Kunang Restaurant LOT 5730, JALAN LINGKARAN TENGAH 2, 68100 GOMBAK, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN. Kunang – Kunang Restaurant also ready to receive any reservation that you desired such as anniversary party, press conference occasion, alumni party, wedding party, private party or whatever that you think it. Our restaurant is equipped with a 200 seat pack, parking bay, surau, indoor hall with air condition & well-train waiter that ready to serve you kindly. If you planning for your event such as your internet community gathering, kindly please contact us and we will ready to hear from you.